Playing my heart, "_Coming soon" Book

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Playing my heart, "_Coming soon"


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His erection tented his shorts already and I wanted to feel him, taste him. I began to sink to my knees, when he stopped me, yanking me up and tossing me onto the bed. Like a predatory animal, he climbed up my body, licking his way up my legs and belly, stopping to circle each breast before again finding my mouth. He kissed me hard, holding my hands above my head. "Tell me what you want me. Say it Mati." I loved that he called my name. It made me feel like he acknowledged me. That he knew that it was me and no other and he wanted to do it with me. That it wasn't just about the fuck but the person. It made me feel like we were making love and it wasn't just sex. mature content lgbt threesome Drama teen love family crisis FL loves two men

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