Playing Games Of Despair
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Playing Games Of Despair


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What is Playing Games Of Despair

Playing Games Of Despair is a popular web novel written by the author PGODofficial, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, MAGIC, THRILLER, COMEDY, SUPERNATURAL, SUPERPOWERS, BLOOD, TOURNAMENT, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 21.2K readers with an average rating of 4.83/5 and 39 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 25 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


To come out on top of God’s Tournament, the world’s top fighter will need skill, wit and special powers in each duel. Join the hopefuls as they navigate the culture shock of a world tour across four warring countries with differing ideologies, learn more about humankind, befriend and grow close -- only to face each other in battle. For the grand prize of any wish to be granted by God, and for world peace, what would you do?

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Hello from the co-authors, Kabir & Judy! This is our first and only work, and it is a collaboration across two countries. We are proud to present our serial fantasy-action-adventure novel, which will follow a cast of colourful characters as they battle one another in God's Tournament. But that's not all - this world is our world but not as we know it, with all of the politicking, emotions, wisdom and humanity that you might find familiar. We encourage you to share the joys and sorrows of each character as they grow in their journey and motivations. The PGOD universe welcomes you, stay a while!


When I saw the Thriller tag on it I was a bit worried because I'm not really a fan of Gore, but when I started reading it though I realize that it was more about the tournament. This is honestly giving me some anime vibes, keep up the good work I can't wait for the next chapter.


This book reminds me of a manga and anime. Have you heard of The god of highschool. Dart is like Mori one of the main character in The God of highschool. Somehow it reminds me of god of highschool not sure if some of the ideas came from it but it's good so I am willing to continue reading 😌


REVIEW Narration: Decent and immersive Worldbuilding: Vast and detailed Character development: Nice and steady Character design: Outstanding Dialogues: Realistic and Lifelike Pacing: Not fast nor too slow Writing quality: Magnificent Execution of the Genre: Good pitch Story potential: High Updating Stability: Steady MESSAGE I am deeply happy that the author joined spirity. As it has the potential to win! With more exposure, this will become great and even reach a million views! Or anime adaptation even a movie! Kudos on your work and See you in December (if you know what I mean) 😉 Nice synopsis! I am hooked!


The concept, the plot, the characters, the action here... It is brilliant. I like how this work is going. It has a big potential to became something if it is worked in a good shape. Carry on, writers!


Really fun spin on the whole "Play game to decide who lives or dies" idea. I specially like the whole thing with debating over concepts of faith and the depiction of how a God would function in this scenario. I do feel like the start is a tad too packed with a lot of information, tons of characters, and some really long paragraphs, but I feel that anyone that's a fan of this genre would be able to get past that to reach the really fun parts! Nice work!


Honestly speaking, this one of the best novel I came across. I loved the writing in this book, it's very fluid. And I am very very very impressed by the incredible use of vocabulary by the writer. The basic storyline of this story is also really intriguing and I have to say I appreciate how author used God but not a version of God from some mythology, which gave meaning to how for religion shouldn't be concerned in such matters. And I am completely in love with this!


This concept is unique like it's the manga of Record of Ragnarok. The battles between Gods and Humans. I like the story and the rest. No problem with the grammar but the other words is using again and again sometimes.


This is a really nice story with a captivating plot and interesting characters. Right from the start, you can already see the novel has great potential. Good work author! Keep it up!


Phenomenal. This story spells beauty in ever letter put upon the screen. The story is filled with meaning and overflowing with action, adventure and character. There is a saying: Love at first sight. I say: I was immersed from first line. Speaking to its magnificence, this novel has me quoting. I love it. I love it so much.


hi! this is actually Shadow_Writer I just changed my name. Anyway, this book is really stunning! the detail into the action makes for swift scenes that make you sit on the edge of your seat until the last paragraph. definitely recommend if you are a Hunger Games fan!


World setting is great, loved the anime like setting. It's really hard to write action scenes but you did a great job. Keep up great work author all the best for the competition


This story is very well written. Even the very first line is powerful. As far as I've read I haven't seen any grammatical mistakes or typing errors. Also, the language is easy to understand.[img=recommend]


The storyline is really good and unique. The authors have done an amazing job so far and the writing style is perfect with no grammar errors. Good work, authors!!


[img=fp][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] I love how the narration is decent. The details on how you wrote the world are admirable. As far as the chapters go, I read it until chapter 5 before I review every passing scene; it keeps on getting interesting. It has a unique plot and interesting character development. Kudos to you; I hope you won't drop this.


An excellent read! The authors have crafted, in but a few chapters, a wonderful and immersive reading experience. The authors wield the english langue very masterfully as demonstrated by their almost flawless grammar and abundant description. The setting is imaginative but the plot itself is unique and I'm looking forward to further exploration of it. The world background has been wonderfully explained and is quite realistic(not in genre but in how societies, politics and such are explained) and the characters so far have been very well-written. Give it a read ;)


A story that takes place in a fighting tournament where the main character has to get strong to win the tournament is a great recipe for good storytelling. The setting is really good, the main character is likable, the villains are well-written, and the fight sequences are well-executed. It kinda reminds me a lot of Mortal Kombat, but without the severe violence and gore every five seconds. It's really entertaining to read. I really liked what you did here!


I find the idea for the plot of this story very unique. And the way the author brings the story to life with their almost flawless writing makes the story an excellent choice for readers. Good luck author!


the story and plot was amazing and loving the writing was easily understandable the pacing is good too there were few grammatical mistakes but they were not affectimg much so good work author


The prose is more than servicable. It will satisfy all but the strictest of readers. The characters are believable and down to Earth and the story is paced well. The world itself is a strange blend of realism and fantasy and I'm not sure I've quite got a grasp on it yet. Also, I'm not quite sure about where the story will go. Overall worth a read, and ultimately only the end can tell whether it was worth the journey.


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