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Read Playhouse novel written by the author Kylcas on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Romance stories, covering drama, femalelead, ceo, humor, weird. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"It feels like, the universe is messing with me. As if I'm in a movie that no matter what happened, tragedy finds me." Amber feels like the universe smacking her down. She gets comfortable and trouble keeps coming. Her family consist of four people, plus hundreds of trouble. Her father, the root cause of everything, is in hiding. He run away from the debt of 2 billion and a sinking company, leaving her with a knife on her throat. While half of her mother's body is paralyzed and in the hospital, bleeding the money she just sold from her small boutique. Desperate, she called her friend to ask her to lend them a huge amount of money. But instead of her friends warm smiles, it was their cold body that greeted her. What will Amber going to do? Luckily, that said friend of her, has a son that she called little money bag. A five years old money tree, happens to be her godchild and as the godmother she shamelessly wants some of the little money bag's money. But came another person, who doesn’t want to give the child to her care. This man, a friend of Nathan her friend’s husband, wants to take her money bag?! She wouldn’t let him, despite how powerful this man is.


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I have read synopsis it was quite funny, I like your approach to the main leads Situation. And even though she was in dire need of money, she did cared for the child even if it is for money. I like the flow of the story. Keep up the good work.


okay.. the story seems promising and i believed it would be greater once the plot begin.. FL looks like a gold digger in a sweet way.. you know money hunger but not that kind of materialistic... im looking forward to the next chapter.. i hope there is no cliche drama with thousands of chapter..


Really nice and interesting story and the build up of Amber and other character's really attracts me. Try to describe the background more, I'm not in a position to give a suggestion but it's just something I felt like. Good luck on this, keep working hard


Ahah I love it ! Even with some mistakes from time to time et a a quick development at times, it's a very entertaining, lighthearted (for now at least) and enjoyable read ! The clearly defined and original personality of the MC is a nice change from usual mc ! I'm very interested about what will happen ! +added !


It's only 5 chapters so far, but it's interesting. The storyline has a good pace, the characters were build really well too. I agree with the others, it seems to be promising so far. Keep the updates coming in. Thanks for introducing this story to me!


I cannot say much yet as there is only 5 chapter's now. But the synopsis got me and when I started to read it I wanted more and more. The chapter's are little short and there is some grammar mistakes in them,but it doesn't affect quality of the story that much. What I would want to see more would be the world background,as there hasn't been much of it yet in the story. The characters are quite a well developed and I like the mc character development quite a lot,so not that much criticism there but there could be small improvements there but since there is just 5 chapter's I'm going to wait and give more detailed review later.


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