1 Chapter - 1

Chris' POV

I was beyond irritated i hated this move and shifting thing but here I was sitting in the private jet owned by my family on my way from New York to Florida just because my dad wanted to go back to his roots to his beloved home where he spent most of his life atleast that's what he said but i now better he's going back because he thinks change in the scenery will change my lifestyle. Hell no, i love my lifestyle but he seems to hate it he doesn't like the way i treat girls. I just have my ways with them and leave them but hey i never force but they come to me getting charmed by me. I got looks from my dad so did my younger brother Peter. We both look quite identical but our personalities are completely opposite. Let's just say he's a good boy and I'm a bad boy. He's always polite and respectful to others I'm respectful too but i do lose my temper frequently. He believes in true love and waiting for the right one thing and I don't a shit about that. An announcement interrupted my thoughts i heard we were about to land at Florida airport in few minutes. I sighed in relief as i don't have to sit in this uncomfortable seat for too long. Peter was sleeping peacefully beside me unbothered by the announcement i woke him up " wake up idiot we are about to land in few minutes" he woke up. "Why do you sound so irritated. Didn't found any entertainment?" I know what exactly he meant from word entertainment. " The fact that we are moving all the way from New York to Florida is enough to irritate me. It seems like i have to leave my life behind" i told him. He just stared at me weirdly and said " Your just leaving your bunch of jerk friends and few fuck buddies behind no need to be dramatic about it. I know the only thing you are worrying about is if your gonma get your pleasure of the night or not." I chuckled im disbelief at his words " why do you and dad always make me sound like sex addict Psycho. Sex isn't the only thing on my mind you know. We had such a great life in NYC a huge house, well established business but now we are leaving everything without any proper arrangements of living on Florida." I said. " We are rich you know. We can afford buying a big house again and it's not like we're gonna live on the streets dad told me we are gonna stay with their friend for few days or weeks untill everything is settled". I didn't said anything i just remained quite. After sometime our jet touched down Florida we got out from the jet and went towards the cars that were already there to pick us up. Me and Peter were about to sit in the car when dad called us. " Listen boys i know you both are little pissed about all this moving back thing". He said looking at me. " But thank you for respecting my decision and we're gonna stay with my childhood friend and his family for few days in his house until i fix our residential problems. So you both better behave." Annoyed by the dad's speech i just opened the door of the backseat of car and sat inside. I didn't respected his decision he literally threatened to disown me if didn't agree to move from NYC. I saw Peter assuring him that he'll behave and will talk to me too. Peter entered the car after talking to dad but he didn't said even a word to me he knew i won't listen to anyone. We started to drive toward our destination I stared outside the window at the scenery it wasn't that bad actually it was beautiful but i still didn't change my mind toward this whole thing. We were going further way from the city. Great dad really found us a house which is in the outskirts of the city. We drived for like 30-40 minutes from the airport then we finally reached the house it was much like an old manor or something it has that retro feels literally not my type. We entered the manor or the house people we standing may be to welcome us. The driver stopped the car near the main entrance and we all got out of the car. The drivers and the helper took care of our bags. We went toward the family waiting to welcome us. God i really hate socializing. We approached them dad hugged the man similar to his age and signalled me and Peter to come toward them. We went their and greeted them politely. Dad introduced us to his friend's family Mr. Michael Brown, his wife Rachel Brown and their son Asher Brown. After the introduction we went inside everybody was chatting with each other and it was too boring for me. I made up am excuse about going to the restroom one of the helper told me to go the right after the hallway every room had an attached bathroom. I entered one of the room and locked the door it seems like someone's bedroom it has alot of posters of pop or kpop bands. I was about to open what i assume was bathroom but it opened a girl came out with only a towel around her body which was too small for her only covering her essentials her hair was wet from shower. She turned around i saw her properly i never saw someone as beautiful as her. She was ethereal , divine every inch of her body was beautiful. She had perfect curves. I looked at her face she seemed to notice me she looked at me with surprised and she screamed. I placed my hand on her mouth to stop her from screaming. She stopped screaming but she pushed me away with one hand while clutching towel with other. She went behind the bathroom door only poking her head out. "Who are you and what are you doing in my room? " She asked me, she had a baby voice it was cute. "I'm sorry i was looking for the bathroom the helper told me to use one in one of the room in this hallway." I said." You really had to choose this one." She said whiningly."Luck was by my side i guess. " I said smirking at her. She looked at me her face went red. " Just go. " I laughed at her expression and went out of her room. She was cute but damn she really something else. I really started to feel little hot. My heart was beating too fast. Now i should found a bathroom to take care of little problem that she caused with her beautiful body.

Aisha's POV

I stared at him as he went out of my room that jerk didn't even closed the door. I went out of the bathroom and ran straight to the door of my room and closed it. My face was too hot . My heart was beating too fast right now. It wasn't everyday i walk out of my bathroom half naked only to see an unknown dude in my room. He didn't even told me who he was. I just wish he will not tell anyone if my mom found out about this. I'll be in trouble. I got dressed quickly and dried my hair. I went outside and heard little loud noise then i remember that dad told me that his friend and his family is going to stay with us for a week or more. I went toward the hall sat near my brother Asher. Dad introduced me with everyone his friend William Dawson, his wife Suzanne Dawson, their younger son Peter Dawson and their elder son Chris Dawson. So that was his name Chris. The guy who showed up in my room. He gave me a creepy smile. Which sent shiver to my spine. "What happened is something bothering you? " Asher asked worried about me. He'll get worried about me at every little thing so will my dad and my mom too but her worry is different. They were all taking about their business deals and other main things in the city i wasn't interested in it. "I want to look around in the city" i heard a familiar voice which belonged to Chris. It didn't took me even a second to recognise his deep voice as if i was familiar to it for years. "You really should dear i heard it's your first time in the city. Aisha will show you around. Since you both are of same age you'll both get along well." My mother said looking at me and him. "It's ok Mrs. Brown I'll find my way. I don't want to ruin any of her plans" he said. I glared at him why did they had to include me. "No dear i don't think she have plans. Right Aisha?" She said with her sweet tone but i could hear her warning behind it and i know what will happen if i declined. "No i don't have plan. I'll show you around it'll be fun" i said giving him my fakest smile. Tomorrow will be a long day.