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Read Planetary Sentience fanfiction written by the author LordDylz on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is others fanfic stories, covering isekai, villain, highiq, abandoned. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Carrow was sitting in his room, thinking. He did that a lot. The internet was an endless source of things to think and question. Recently he was thinking about reincarnation and all that applied. Not exactly a in depth analysis of Samsara, but rather the ever so common trope in fiction where a main character was shunt into another body, infant, resurrected, or just strait up possession. How does a human mind cope with suddenly being removed from a body that it grew inside of and was used too? How is an infant cognizant when their brains were too undeveloped to show any higher form of thinking? How does one react to being in a decidedly foreign body with different senses and operating soft ware? The answer is usually 'magic' or 'soul stuff' and or 'don't think about it too hard'. All of these are acceptable to Carrow, as this thought was less criticism and more him just escaping from the ever gnawing sense of ennui and boredom. This train of thought sadly or fortunately attracted the attention of a near-omniscient ROB who was passing by, and Carrow ceased to exist. In another reality, a planet was created ex-nihilo. How will a human consciousness be translated when its operating system changes from flesh and meat to a floating rock billions if not trillions of times his former mass?


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