1 Art Tames My Boredom


Dribbling Noises* 



Pass - Catch!

Hesitation move, crossover towards the right, 180 lefty dunk. Score !!

The guy that made the basket turned around and smirked at the two people he dunked on. Then dapped his brothers.

"Hahaha that's game." one of the brothers said, ( his name is Axe) "y'all better pay up" he continued.

"Well that takes care of lunch im type hungry" Said the other brother (his name is Rafael).

"Hehehe" the one that made the basket giggled, his name is Hermes.

On the other hand, the losing team didn't look so happy, then again who would after losing money in a game by 2 points.

As the winners were boasting and talking about what food their going to eat with the money they won, the losing team stayed quiet and started gathering around them. Before you knew it more and more people kept appearing around Hermes and his brothers, until one person from the losing team says as he points at them, "There's been a change of plans, you guys are gonna be the one paying us."

"Or we'll take it by force." added another guy as he walked towards them, he was a BIG dude.

Everything went silent as the wind blew by.

"mhuhuhu" Hermes and his brothers started giggling.

"HAHAHAHA" everybody around them started laughing and the big guy said, "Haha, has the fear made yall gone mad? hurry up and hand all of your shit the nice way and we won't kill ya... well no promises Hahahaha."

Anyone in their right mind would just run away or scream for help…

However, the three of them had a gaze of excitement like Jack the Ripper when he finds a woman walking alone.

The loser said, "I guess you guys are not from around here. this is our gangs block and we run this part of town so just gi..."

Without a moment of hesitation. Hermes and his brothers ran at them and even if they were at a disadvantage in numbers, it was like it did not matter whatsoever, the only thing you heard Axe say was, "Whoever beats the most gets to pick where we eat." The other two just smirked as they all charged.

The gang members were surprised because the ones that were being cornered just charged at them. After Axe hit the one that was talking so hard that he flew back until he crashed into his friend. At the same time Hermes jumped using his hand and stamped the big guys head to the floor, Rafael grabbed two guys by the head and clashed their heads together.

In just a matter of seconds, five of the gang members were knocked out. The rest of them were in shock, they couldn't believe their eyes, however, this made them angry, now is they're really going to kill them.

The rest of the members surrounded the three of them. "There's only three of them attack at the same time and don't let your guard down. Let's show them why we're feared in this part of town."  

Hermes had the biggest smirk on his face and Axe said, "I hadnt seen that smile in a long time. I cant blame you, it's been a while since you last faught. However, I'm not losing this."

Axe took the initial and hit one of them with a *One two combo* that was too fast for him to react. The guy next to him swung with his left hand at Axe "AAHHHH". However, Axe dodged backwards, he used the momentum of his opponent against him and grabbed his head with both hands and with force pulled it to his left leg and broke his nose. "ah your going to pay for that" another one charged at Axe.

In front of Rafael was a fat guy that said "leave this one to me. haha" So all the others went after Hermes. I guess he was confident that he could beat Rafael.

"Hahaha these other guys are weak, I bet you can't take one hit from me." The fat guy said to Rafael.

"Oh, really?" Rafael responded. "Why don't you hit me right here, i'm wide open." he points to his own stomach. 

The fat guy took a stance. "That confidence is going to get you killed hahaha." The fat guy cocked his arm back and started the swing, next thing you know Rafael hit him across the face and kept hitting him until he dropped to the floor. "People like you disgust me, you give them a hand and they wanna take your whole arm."

*panting, panting* How did he know I was going to swing at his face, who the fuck are these guys...* the fat guy laying on the ground thought before he realised he couldn't get up.

Last is Hermes.

"Hehehe you're surrounded by four of us no matter which way you look at it you're done for.''

Hermes just stands there with his eyes closed as the members were talking trash.

"Hehe look at him he cant even move, he's scared."

"let's get him"

They all charged at Hermes with the guy behind him leading. His plan was to grab Hermes so the others can hit him. "He did it!" or so they thought. It looked like the guy grabbed him for a second, however, Hermes hit him in the stomach with his left elbow which made the guy drop forward so he used the momentum of his opponent falling to hit him in the chin with his elbow he started coughing up blood and bleed through his nose. Then put more force into his right hand and his legs to turn to the one in front of him who was in the motion of punching Hermes with his left hand.

He slightly evaded with his head and changed the trajectory of the punch with his right arm, then he immediately put his right palm on the opponent's chin in order to alter their vision. He clenched his left hand and hit him with a counter punch to the gut and the opponent flew back.

The one to the right charged at Hermes, however, before he knew it he was on the ground. Hermes grabbed his arm and flipped him to the ground. He finished him with two punches to the nose. "this is getting a little boring." Hermes said in a bothered tone.

There was one left and he looked scared, "what the fuck are you guys some kind of MMA fighters or sumin". Hermes looked at him and said nonchalantly "oh there's one more." The guy flinched and pulled out a knife from his jacket, Hermes just stared at him.

"Haha not so tough now are ya" said the gang member with the knife.

There was a police siren getting closer to their location.

"Fuck it" the guy with the knife said as he tries to stab Hermes twice and he evaded both of them.

"5, I could've knocked you out 5 different times in those two swings." Hermes said as he puts his hand out. "oh fuck" the guy with the knife responded as he was sweating bricks. Hermes ran at him while smirking, out of fear the guy threw a random jab at Hermes face with his knife and managed to leave a cut on his cheek. Right as Hermes was about to give the decisive blow, the guy was knocked out by Axe. "hahaha that makes me the winner." 

"HEYYY WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOINGG STAY THERE AND DONT MOVE '' two cop cars had pulled up so the three of them picked up their things and started running away as the cops chased. They hopped the fences so the cops ran back to their cars and chased after them. They climbed a couple of different fences and jumped a few obstacles and just kept running without looking back, they knew the area really well. About 15 minutes of running they stopped because they didnt see the cops still chasing them.

*Panting* *Panting* *Panting*

"Ughh now how are we going to eat" Axe said. 

Rafael took money out of his pocket. "Hehe. *panting* I took it from their pockets while you guys finished the last guy off."

More Panting* 

They're at a fast food chicken and a pizza place, and while they are eating Hermes said, "Hehe, it's been a while since we last fought together" 

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"Yeah, but those guys were too weak. We never get to fight strong people at all." Axe said annoyed.

"It's too bad we can't really go back home, there aren't any strong people around here." Rafael added.

"Oh well, let's hurry up Raf we gotta go set up my next fight at the nighttime boxing" Axe said to Rafael and continued. "even tho majority of the fighters hardly put up a fight."

"At least you got something to prevent you from dying of boredom" Rafael responded. 

"Hehe true." Hermes laughed. 

"You do too, with your art stuff and I got nothing. Nothing at all" Rafael Said.

"Hehe yeah right, you got all of your parties you be going to with all those famous people." Hermes responded.

"Yeah we be in those parties all the time, the best part all the girls. They love us out there" Axe added. 

"Hehehe I know i got the best job I guess I never be bored. Anyway let's get out of here" Rafael said as they all got up.

"First we gotta get the car" ~ Axe

They snuck back into the car that was parked around the basketball court they played at, luckily, they knew one of the cops that remained on the scene, he distracted all of the other cops as they got into their car and left. Since they had to go set up the fight for Axe, Hermes told them to leave him at the liquor store on the way so he can walk home.


"Aight see yall later" Hermes said as he put his headphones on.

"Don't stay up waiting hahaha" Axe Said as he drove off at max speed and Rafael just gave them the peace sign as he laughed.

Hermes stuck the middle out to them while making a face then went inside of the liquor store and picked up a few things and headed home.

When he got to his house, he immediately took a shower, it was around 1:30 AM. Music is playing while he showers can never shower without music... he was listening to soft lofi.

Gets into his regular sleeping clothes and goes to the kitchen to get a cup with ice and of course you can't forget the passionfruit juice, poured the rum. Then made his way to his room to end the night. 


He took out his pencils and then he taped down a blank 18" X 24" paper onto his drawing board.

* SLurrrrpp * takes a sip from his drink and grabs his pencil and says, "Ahh, let's see what we come up with today." 

As always he has music in the background classical music was playing this time.

The camara fades to the window and the night sky.

This was how he ended most of his nights. For it was the only time he felt passionate about something. He knocked out cold after finishing most of the drawing and drinking half the bottle. At least today there was some fun but tomorrow is back to the cycle.

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