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Planar Realms (Video Game Reincarnation)


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What is Planar Realms (Video Game Reincarnation)

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In the year 2090, Constantine Novak proved the existence of the soul and reincarnation. More than 200 years later, humans have the ability to choose where they reincarnate and even retain their memories and take a system with them as they do so. Reborn, an offshoot of Stray Gaming, has taken the knowledge of alternate dimensions gained over the past 200 years and created several new dimensions where Earthlings can choose be reborn as Chosen, living life like a video game. Follow Carter, one of the first Chosen on his adventures as he discovers these new Realms and lives a life of adventure and wonder few can ever dream of. *6 Chapters a week minimum - if really successful will start a Patreon*

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Author's Review: This is a fun book about living a life in a video game world. While this will be about video games and having fun, it'll also be about problems in every day life and how while being a Video Game would make life more interesting it wouldn't necessarily make it easier...


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At this time the story has (only) 12 chapters. You could say it is still in the prologue, introducing the world, characters and giving a little insight into the gaming system. So far the author managed to avoid the normal pitfalls of the webnovel genre like for example: Making the protagonist not only good at something, but making him so strong you already see problems with power scaling for the rest of the novel, no awkward romance plot so far either. It is quite well written, only the occasional grammar error (typical stuff that happens to anyone while writing), but no obvious deficit in the English language. What we also do not have here and I cannot stress this enough, is a proper English writing style without the annoying use of "could" and "would" where it does not make any sense. No jumping back and force between present and past tense. (Basically avoiding all the grammar pitfalls of the typical asian webnovel or asian lightnovel trasnlation) Now I have my fingers crossed hoping for the author to flesh out the world and "simply" write a good story without sacrificing the quality of the writing for faster releases.


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