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What is Pirate Djinn

Read Pirate Djinn fanfiction written by the author Enryuu_Zahard on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, onepiece. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Nate sail through the waters of the Grandline while wielding the mighty power of the Djinns.. Disclaimer: I don't own Onepiece/Magi or any other anime characters cited in this novel, book cover belongs the artist.


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for the love of god someone finally made a fan-fiction of magi , damn this is the best anime ever please do not ever drop this or i will curse u to have no children 😂 thats all ... god bless your brain and hand ... Bararaq Saikaaaaa!!!!!!!


Sorry author I tried but I still not about to find it up to my rate maybe due to slow pace or how lack of maturity and lack of a little coldness . Not even able to use single power. Come in one piece world but banned from devil fruit. And one thing is on my mind , what is with I want to teach other mystic arts , why not make it public man. Exp. I don't know much , but you could v think like in ( ( dragon marked war god ) a novel what will happen if Jiang Chen think let me give my friends it outsiders or anybody my dragon good secret technique . I believe story will be ruined if it have gotten that way You could give him strong companion but in a different way At least not my giving away his speciality It's like u have a system but everybody can use Of course as long as you want. So sorry. I don't like the direction and motive of the novel. But ya you r working hard So good work and good luck . Hope on future to would release new one again. And I will leave a good comment on this web novel and on my mind too. Right now in my country it's night So good 🌃 night. 😎😎😎😀😉😉😉


Very good the novel recommend to everyone to follow, will not regret. Very good the novel recommend to everyone to follow, will not regret. 😎😎


Story is good but I don't like it Mc mystic art + eternal haki can be learnt by other At this listening I decided I m dropping Then. The power of dijiins he get is there power is not his own If they died or refuse to help or something else you finished So growth ways this novel can't go much far. So I m finally dropping But still that for giving you time v and writing Bye


One of the best things I have made so far I hope you finish it and good luck.


while the story is great it seems a extremely rushed to have him kill a noble (who normally would never appear anywhere far from where they live simply due to how many enemies they have and their own disdain for common people) so soon while he is so weak (and young since he not only does not have a ship he does not know how to sail nor is he ready to adventure on the sea yet since his combat ability is only around elite soldier (current location) common soldier (grandline) ...due to this i will be dropping this story since i can only see a cliche plot of running being hunted and running some more where he has a massive bounty on his head and even being hunted by any and every wannabe bounty hunter and marine that is in the area he is at...while the mixture of magi was done well and was an enjoyable twist but the combat leave much cringing shouting out skill names when it really is not needed lets everyone know you are attacking with some unique move and no matter how dumb a marine is when guarding a noble most of them would be grandline marines so even the common ones would be as strong as him(most elites even knowing how to utilize shave) and would react to his shout not stand their like fools since the elites would be the ones closest to that noble with at least a rear admiral being a few steps from the noble thus killing the noble at his current power would not be possible after all observation haki users are a must when guarding someone important let alone a noble.


Reveal spoiler


It's real good... So don't drop okay...!, u can write it whenever your free ( even if it takes months to update) I want to read more of it!! Also i am sure many others want it too!! And nice crew and power ideas. Really enjoyed the concept ~


Please guys give author power stones I really like this fic please please please. I have read a lot of fics and this one is in my top 10 please guys help this continue please please


Very good the novel recommend to everyone to follow, will not regret. Very good the novel recommend to everyone to follow, will not regret.


Reveal spoiler


This is very good and also your effort to mix two or more anime is great but I personally think that sticking to one till the story is a little developed is good (or at least till MC becomes OP) because at that point u can take the story in many different ways It's just a suggestion anyway till now the story is very good ( both one piece & magi)


i like your fanfiction the story really well written i don't know what else to say other that this must be read ! Keep up the work i'm looking forward how it continues


I am giving you 5 star because this is one of the best fanfiction I have read so far. The story is good and the development is not rushed or too slow in my opinion.the character development is great as it feel like they are real to me. Looking forward to reading the future chapter. Thanks


I'm giving this rating based on the fact that you aren't rushing the story he's not immediately gaining power and has to train which gives time to build character and see weakness and powerless in them so when I read it I feel as if I'm on thin ice thinking something could possibly happen to his family and such, keep up the good work I'll be rooting for you👌


It's really good, especially magi is one of the anime that i like and one piece also. So keep the stability of the update and don't drop this novel, because i really liked the story in this novel.👍👍


Wow*************************** Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Amzinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom


Was great read just waiting on updates are a killer i did like how you are combining the aspects of both anime that can't be easy to do hopefully you will update soon would love to see where story goes definitely look forward to him making crew members household members want to see how you power up his crew and himself


Author Here.... For all those who are kind enough to review and comment on this fiction.. You have my thanks.. But please make sure that it is a proper review, whether it's a good or bad. Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments and it is always welcome here.. Thank you...


no i reached the end already :( well that was pretty good read so far, cant wait for more update's. ............................................. Thanks Alot for a interesting Story!


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