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Pinkypie's Surprize


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Pinky-pie was a warm and bubbly pony. She was always full of suprises but this time I don't think any of us saw this surprise coming. ----------------------------------- The dark room stank of blood and rot. Pinky stood in the middle of the room wearing what used to be a white apron. Now, stained with blackened blood. Next to her was a cart, loaded with various surgical utensils and curiosities. The room was dimly lit by only a single flickering light bulb overhead. Pinky was polishing her tools and humming to herself. Suddenly the slow creaking of a old rusty door could be heard. She turned in the direction of the noise. "Ah, you finally showed up Apple-jack! I was starting to think you forgot what I asked about~" Pinky walked over to her guest. "Let's start the fun~"