9 Thorn Python And Besieging The Giant Spider

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Towering ancient trees and thick undergrowth!

The forest was full of dangers, and one needed to be careful. Not to mention the magical beasts deep in the forest, even the wild beasts around the borders were not to be trifled with!

A tiny poisonous spider or an inconspicuous little snake could take Meng Lei's life. He had to be extremely careful!


The grass in front of him suddenly shook. After pulling the grass away, Meng Lei focused his gaze and saw two pig-like beasts!

They were about the size of an ordinary wild boar, but their entire bodies were jade green. The tips of their tails hung high in the sky, with a green glimmer. He knew that those were very poisonous with just one look!

"Huh? It turned out to be Scorpion-Tailed Green-Skinned Pigs. I am so lucky!"

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Meng Lei's eyes lit up, and he couldn't help licking his lips. These were Scorpion-Tailed Green-Skinned Pigs and were delicious. They were loved by aristocrats, and a Scorpion-Tailed Green-Skinned Pig could be sold for 3 to 5 gold coins!

With two of these pigs, he could pay for the magic test!

Meng Lei raised the borrowed dagger and approached quietly!

The two pigs did not know that danger was coming. One was riding on top of the other, with its lower body shaking vigorously, performing some shameful thing!

After that… There was no after!

They sacrificed their lives in the midst of the great cause of reproducing offspring. They died a glorious and noble death, and their deaths were not in vain!

"Ding! Killed 2 Scorpion-Tailed Green-Skinned Pigs. 8 gold coins received!"

The cue tone of the system sounded promptly. Meng Lei opened his palm, and 8 golden gold coins appeared in his palms, obtained from killing the Scorpion-Tailed Green-Skinned Pigs!

"This cheating device is so useful. The wealth I obtained can actually be withdrawn!"

Meng Lei stacked up the gold coins. They felt heavy, made of 24K pure gold. After that, Meng Lei placed them into the system!

Not only could he withdraw gold coins, but he could also store it. This was another use of the Most Powerful Pickup System, which was very convenient!

This meant that he did not need to carry heavy hunting equipment like other hunters, This saved a lot of energy and enabled him to continue hunting non-stop—killing two birds with one stone!

"The only regret is that no light balls were dropped!"

Meng Lei shook his head and felt a little unsatisfied. Compared to the gold coins, he would rather have the attribute light balls so that he could improve his abilities!

"Continue moving forward!"



After moving forward for a few kilometers, a frightening noise suddenly traveled over. After parting the vegetation to take a look, Meng Lei couldn't help but break into cold sweat.

The vegetation in the forest was too thick, affecting the line of vision and illumination. However, through the trees' dense mottled shadows, Meng Lei managed to see a creeping giant beast!

A giant python as thick as a water bucket and 30 meters long was withdrawing while swallowing a black tiger as big as an ox into its stomach!

The python's entire body was dark green, and its mouth was wide opened at almost 180°. The black tiger's head had already been swallowed by it. If nothing out of the ordinary happened, this black tiger would become a meal for this dark green python!

If such a big python appeared on Earth, it would definitely cause an uproar!

Meng Lei swallowed his saliva as hesitation flashed across his eyes. This giant python was so huge. He would definitely be well-rewarded after killing it!

The question was—would he be able to kill it?

Meng Lei thought for a while and let it go. This creature was too big, and he could already feel its cold and sinister aura a long way away. Meng Lei was not confident in killing it!

If that's the case, it's better to just leave. My life is more important!

"Ding! Dropped item discovered. Will you pick it up?"

At that moment, the cold and emotionless voice of the system sounded. Meng Lei looked carefully and saw a light ball behind the dark green python!

No, not just one!

Two white light balls, a silver light ball, and even a green light ball!

There were a total of four light balls!

"Pick them up! Immediately pick them up!"

Meng Lei exclaimed in his heart!

"They are too far for me to pick them up!"

"Let me move ahead! This small distance is 10 meters far?"

Meng Lei complained as he pushed aside the vegetation and quietly reached over. Although his life was important, he decided that this was a risk worth taking after seeing the light balls!

"Ding! Pickup successful. Host's Physical Body Constitution +3!"

"Ding! Pickup successful. Host's Spirit +1!"

"Ding! Pickup successful. Host received the First-Grade Spell, Thorn Vine!"

A warm current poured into him, rapidly strengthening his body!

An icy aura flowed into his mind. His thoughts and consciousness also became more active.

Meng Lei ignored all this. He was attracted by his newly acquired spell. "First-Grade Spell, Thorn Vine? Wait… Spell?"

Meng Lei couldn't help but look at the giant python. A hint of cold sweat appeared on his forehead. Ordinary beasts would not drop spells, not even the lowest level spell!

In other words, the dark green giant python in front of him was a… Magical Beast!

A chill traveled up Meng Lei's back. At that moment, the dark green giant python also noticed Meng Lei's presence. A pair of snake eyes looked over, with an icy stare!


Without even thinking about it, Meng Lei ran!

However, he was a step too late. Amidst the soft creeping sounds, dark green vines quickly traveled over!

The surface of the vines was covered with spikes, gleaming with the cold light of the forest. Meng Lei had no doubts about the power of these thorns. If he were entangled by them, even if he managed to survive, his skin would be ripped off!

At that moment of crisis, Meng Lei jumped with all his might. He was like a spring, jumping over the thorny vines in an instant and disappearing into the vegetation!


The dark green python stared in the direction where Meng Lei had disappeared and was motionless for a long time!


I was scared to death just now!

Meng Lei leaned against a tree, breathing heavily. Luckily, he reacted quickly, and the dark green giant python was in the midst of its meal. Otherwise, he might have perished back there. Presently, he was definitely not a Magical Beast's match!

Damn! The Magical Beast Forest is too dangerous! I encountered a Magical Beast immediately after I stepped into the forest! How dangerous would it be in the depths of the forest?

Meng Lei wiped the sweat from his forehead and became more vigilant. The Magical Beast Forest was more dangerous than he had imagined. He had to be extremely careful!

"Let's attack together!"

"Kill this beast!"


At that moment, fierce fighting noises traveled over to his ears. Meng Lei shook himself and pricked his ears to listen carefully!

Battle! People battling over there! It should be a group of people besieging a Magical Beast!

Meng Lei's spirit was immediately roused. The more people there were, the more likely light balls would be dropped. Also, the stronger the person, the more bountiful the light balls would be!

Let's take a look?

After hesitating for a moment, Meng Lei went ahead!

After which, he saw the intense scene!

A four-meter-tall blood-red giant spider was under siege. Its eight legs were like eight steel spears, waving wildly with an airtight defense!

It was besieged by four humans—three men and a woman!

The men were in front, wielding weapons and fighting fiercely with the giant spider. The woman was behind, holding a magic wand, chanting a tongue-twisting magic spell!

"Ding! Dropped item discovered. Will you pick it up?"

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