10 Received Meditation Method, I Am Lost

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The giant spider was four meters tall, and its entire body was blood-red, as though it was made from a pile of blood Buddha jade. It was covered with needle-like spikes. Its six eyes were as big as grapefruits, cruel and bloodthirsty!

This was a Second-Grade Magical Beast—Blood Jade Demon Spider!

As a second-grade monster, the Blood Jade Demon Spider was extremely tyrannical, especially at the border where other Magical Beasts were scarce!

But today, this spider was in trouble because the four humans that besieged it were not weak. The three men surrounded the Blood Jade Demon Spider and attacked it continuously!

The woman at the periphery was holding a magic wand. Streaks of lightning bolts gathered on top of the spider's head, threatening to strike any moment!


The Blood Jade Demon Spider felt a strong sense of danger from the lightning above its head. It roared at the sky, and its eight long legs leaped as though they were springs, charging toward the woman!

It wanted to break the magic spell above its head and prevent it from completing!

"Protect Alison!"

A brawny man with a giant axe shouted as he slashed at one of the spider's legs. Sparks spattered among clanking metal. The spider's leg remained intact, revealing the sturdiness of its legs.

Even so, the spider paused for a moment. At this time, the lightning above its head finally finished gathering, forming an extremely dazzling and powerful lightning dragon!

"Dance of the lightning dragon!" yelled the woman, as she struck down with her magic wand!


With a clear-sounding crackle, the lightning dragon suddenly descended!


The Blood Jade Demon Spider was struck, causing its blood-colored body to twitch violently. It appeared like it was on stimulants as it shuffled around!

"Here's our chance!"

The three men would never miss such a good opportunity and took the chance to launch their strongest attack!




Three attacks struck the Blood Jade Demon Spider at the same time. This terrifying second-grade magical beast let out a scream and fell down instantly!

After that, it was quiet!

S-so powerful!

Meng Lei, who was hiding in the shadows, witnessed everything. He was utterly stunned by the terrifying Blood Jade Demon Spider, the sharp lightning dragon that descended from the sky, and the three men with frightening attacks!

All these left him shaken as he experienced the power of this world and his own insignificance!

It would be great if I was so strong!

Meng Lei sighed.

At that moment, the cold and emotionless voice of the system sounded. "Ding! Falling object detected. Will you pick it up?"

"Yes, pick it up!"

"Ding! Pickup successful. Host's Physical Body Constitution +3!"

"Ding! Pickup successful. Host's Physical Body Constitution +3!"

"Ding! Pickup successful. Host's Spirit +1!"

"Ding! Pickup successful, received Meditation Method!"

As the series of prompts sounded, the familiar warm current and icy aura reappeared and began to strengthen Meng Lei's body and spirit. However, Meng Lei was attracted by the Meditation Method that appeared last!

"Meditation Method? What is this?"

Meng Lei was curious and quickly checked it out!

After a look, Meng Lei was instantly ecstatic!

The cultivation of a Magician mainly compassed two segments:

First, absorb the magical elements between heaven and earth and refine them into magic power.

Second, increase your spiritual power!

Both steps could only be completed through "meditation"!

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It could be said that meditation was the basic foundation of a Magician. Without meditation, one couldn't get magic power or improve their spiritual power!

It could be seen that if one wanted to become a Magician, they must at least master meditation. At the moment, Meng Lei did not know anything about meditation!

This came at the right time. With the meditation method, I can gain magic power through meditation!

Meng Lei was inexplicably excited. He could only use the system to pick up the magic-power light balls under certain conditions!

Too many limitations!

The probability was too low!

Full of uncertainty!

It would be different after he had mastered the Meditation Method.

Being able to refine magic power was equivalent to having the ability to obtain magic power via his own efforts.

Meng Lei glanced at the four of them and was about to sneak away. He planned to look for a safe hiding spot to try out the Meditation Method he received.

"Who is there?"

Unexpectedly, at that moment, the woman who was closest to him suddenly turned her head and waved her magic wand. It shot out a lightning bolt as thick as a thumb and struck a small tree in front of Meng Lei!


The small tree was split into two, and the fractured area was almost carbonized!

My god!!!

Meng Lei fell to the ground, his face full of horror!

"Alison, what's the matter?"

"There's someone over there!"


The four soon discovered Meng Lei!

"Who are you? What are you sneaking around here?"

The brawny man with the giant axe yelled as he frowned and stared at Meng Lei. The other three also stared at Meng Lei, with threatening gazes. The Magical Beast Forest may be extremely dangerous but what was more terrifying were other humans!

When they were in fierce battle with the magical beast just now, had someone snuck up behind for an attack, they would be in danger!

"I… I'm a villager from nearby!" Meng Lei 'trembled with fear'. "I… was attracted by your battle. I was simply curious and came over to take a look. I have no bad intentions…"


"I didn't sense any Battle Aura from him!"

"Alison, did you sense any Magic Aura?"


"Looks like he is just an ordinary villager!"

The four of them immediately heaved a sigh of relief. The brawny man with the giant axe shouted, "You are so daring. A young brat that dares to barge into the Magical Beast Forest alone. Do you want to lose your life?"

"Go back quickly. This place is not for you!" The female Magician, Alison, reminded him out of kind intentions. She was plain-looking, with freckles on her face. However, she was tall, and he could see her exquisite curves even through the magic robe!

These four shouldn't be bad people!

Although Meng Lei looked less than 15 years old, he was a middle-aged uncle in his previous life. He had met countless people and had some experience in judging people through their words and mannerism!

He could see that these four were young and were probably college students. He could tell from the badges on their chests!

Since they are not bad people, perhaps I can follow them? By doing so, I can find and pick up things!

Why not… have a try?

Just as he was thinking about this, Meng Lei squeezed out two tears and said with a sad face, "I… I… am lost! I can't find my way home!"


The four of them looked at each other and frowned at the same time. At last, Alison said, "He looks so piteous alone. Why don't we bring him along? The Magical Beast Forest is too dangerous!"

"This… doesn't seem like a good idea?"

A skinny young man holding a dagger frowned. "The Magical Beast Forest is so dangerous, and we will be targeting magical beasts for this training. Wouldn't it be a burden to bring him along?"

"I'm not a burden, I am very strong!"

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