1 Chapter 1.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

I was sat in a dimly lit room on a light wooden stool with a soft red carpet tossed ontop. I opened my eyes and laid my hands on each of my knees while I sat cross-legged. I breathed slowly and calmly, being aware of the scents surrounding me. I had no sight, no vision to see my environment. I had to rely on smell and sound, once I mastered the abilities I shall be as great as Master Gurn.

I got up and reached for my bamboo stick to help guide my way out. As I left, I smelt something rather peculiar. It smelt like, flowers. Flowers are meant to be prohibited in this area as Master Gurn is fatally allergic to them. As I sniffed again it smelt like sweet buttercups freshly picked to make homemade cough medicine. I strolled down the hallway taking quick but long steps with my hands behind my back touching my long, slick black hair.

As I reached the room where the smell was the strongest, I heard soft whispers escaping the open door. I stood by the door frame pressing my back agaisnt the wall to overhear the conversation going on inside.

"Did you hear about the large fire in, Kunra?" A girl pipped up while doing something that sounded like washing clothes.

"0h I heard, it's been the main headline of the tellingpaper!" a more elderly woman replied with a croaky voice.

"You mean the newspaper, mum." the younger girl corrected while standing up brushing her hair.

I stood by the wall ashamed as I was eves dropping on a normal family conversation until...

"Remeber to hide the buttercups well in Master Gurns tea." The younger girl whispered.

"Oh don't worry, once he's gone you'll be the new Masted my dear Mary." the older woman said standing up.

I swung around into the doorway.

"Trying to poison the Grand Master are we?" I smirked pressing my two hands agaisnt the vertical bamboo stick.

I heard the 2 girls gasp in shock.

Within seconds, the guards wooshed them away. I smiled softly before heading back to my room.

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