10 Outro


Astrid reached the last photo of her and Peter on the screen of her phone. She let out a deep sigh and looked far. She and Peter were the happiest.

3 years has passed and she still wonders, "where did it go wrong?" "when did things turn out like that?" "how did they end up like that?" "how the hell did they end up like that?"

Since childhood they were inseperable. When they got together, they weren't only a couple, but also best friends. They both knew that they found the right love in each other.

So how come things went wrong?

3 years, and she still misses him.

3 years, and she still misses their moments together.

3 years, and she still misses the good ol' days.

3 years, and she still loves him.

She sighed deeply and cried. Her mind deep at the thought that time will never turn back. Happy moments with the one she loves now only exists in memory.

On the other hand, someone who is countries, miles, and hours away from her, is also thinking the same thing, doing the same thing; reminiscing the past.

Someone who is also wishing to turn back the time when he was with the love of his life.

Someone who is also crying at the fact that happy moments with the one he loves now only exists in memory.

Someone who misses her, just how much she misses him.

Someone who misses and wishes to have the good ol' days back.

Someone who still loves her, with the much more love now than ever.

Peter laid down on the bed and sighed. Tears forming on his eyes as he let the sadness and the pain of the past hit him once again.

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