9 Jeju

[DECEMBER 8, 2016]

This was one of my most favorite trip. It was so memorable to me. I had so many firsts with Peter and I was so happy because I spent it with him.

In the morning we went paragliding. It was a perfect time. It was really windy and we were able to stay at the sky for quite a long period of time. Being able to breath fresh air and experince a thing that is so close to flying gave me a lot of comfort. The beautiful place of Jeju looked more majestic from above.

We went to dolphin training next. We were able to touch, feed, and even kiss the dolphins. After training being comfortable with the dolphins, we were able to have a swim with them. We held on tightly to their fins and let them drag us across the water. It was truly a fun moment. After the exciting part came a relaxing one. After chaging back into our clothes, we took a look around at the marine park. We were able to see a lot more new species of local fish living the oceans of Jeju Island. It was so fun and exciting spending time with the dolphins. It was so fun and I guess they liked us very much.

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And to heightened our excitement on our water adventure, Peter took me to seogwipo submarine just before we took lunch. After lunch, we went to a place where we can relax. We went to Hallim Park were we got to experience a mix of nature and culture of the place. We went to Dongmun Market to buy some foods we need for the rest of our stay in Jeju. We went back to Peter's place just before the sun sets.

Because of tiredness, we just sat on the sofa and watch the sun go down.

It was such a beautiful day. I did a lot of activities for the first time with Peter. Watching the sunset lifted all the tiredness in my body and being in his arms added more comfort to it. And it was such a relaxing way to end that day.

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