1 Intro

Cameras flashing everywhere. The lights almost blinding Astrid's eyes. She now stands on the red carpet as an ambassador of the new launch of collection from a top brand in New York. She flashes her brightest smile trying her best to look at every camera in left and right.

She felt uncomfortable at events like this because she wasn't very close with the people who were often invited, but the presence oh her best friend, Camille, calms down her nerves. Camille is one of the most notable event organizer in that field. And as it happens most of the time, every event Astrid participates in, Camille was the one who organized it.

"Here comes the queen! Hi Astrid!" Camille greeted Astrid as she enters the venue. Astrid came closer to her with a huge smile and hugged her tight.

"Camille! I am so glad you're here."

Camille broke off the hug, clung onto Astrid's arm and said, "Let me take you to your seat."

She proceeded to lead Astrid to the front row of the seats and bid goodbye to help other guests. 5 minutes later, the lights were dimmed and the brightest lights shined the center stage, the event has started. Astrid was in awe to see the lovely designs of the newly launched collection.

After a while, the event was finished. Camille and her team was asked to stay behind to help with cleaning up.

"Do you really have to help?" Astrid whined.

"Yes, I can't leave my team behind."

"Why can't you just sneak out?"

"Which part of 'I can't leave my team behind' can't you understand?" Camille raised her eyebrows at her.

"But you promised to go home together,"

"And I also promised that I would be staying at your place. I'll be there, don't worry. You should go now, the driver's waiting for you," Camille looked behind Astrid and Astrid saw the same man who dropped her off at the event earlier.

"You'll come, okay?" Camille nodded, "If you won't, I'll post THAT video."

"What video?" Camille looked at Astrid with confused face.

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"That video where you were really drunk and crying for your ex to come back," Astrid playfully whispered.

Camille was shocked at the attack, "No, you won't."

Astrid nodded playfully and Camille was about to chase her when Astrid hurriedly ran away. They both laughed at their childish actions and waved to each other from across the room.

After a 30-minute drive, Astrid arrived at her unit. She quickly took her shoes off and played some calm music before heading to the bathroom to take a quick bath. After dressing up, she cleaned her place a bit and read some books afterward. When Camille arrived, she looked quite a mess.

"Are you okay?" Astrid asked as she teasingly laughs.

Camille let out a deep sigh before laying down Astrid's bed.

"Cleaning up was worse than setting up," Camille said. Camille spent the next few minutes complaining and Astrid spent the next few minutes just laughing at her friend. After quite a while, Camille decided to take a quick bath and Astrid played some movie. Although it was very late, sleepiness looked like it won't hit them any time. They decided to watch a few more movies and read some books, and slowly, they eventually fell asleep.

When morning came, Camille woke up first and decided to cook some breakfast. Just as she was about to wake Astrid up, Astrid was already walking towards the dining table.

"Morning, sleepy-head." Camille greeted.

"Morning," Astrid greeted back as she sat.

Camille told Astrid that she has a flight to Hawaii for another event and needed to leave at 5 in the afternoon over breakfast. Astrid suggested that they do a girl's time for the time being and came back after lunch to give Camille some time to pack for her things. Camille agreed to the idea.

They first went to an amusement park. They rode the roller coaster and other exciting rides. They also took a lot of photos at the photobooth for remembrance. Someone was selling temporary tattoos and they both decided to get a matching one. They went with the phrase "to infinity and beyond" on their wrists. After eating launch outside, they went back to Astrid's place. Astrid helped Camille organize her things and offered to take her and her team to the airport. Camille wanted to say no, but she knew that once Astrid offers something, there was no way Astrid would accept a 'no'.

"Good luck with your event. Are you sure you don't want me to come inside with you?" Astrid said as she parks the car near the airport terminal.

"Yup, you should head home and just chill. I know you've been dealing with a lot lately."

"Okay, take care always, hm? And take as much rest as you can."

"I will, don't worry. Take care of yourself too." Camille started grabbing her things and said goodbye to each other.

When she came back to her unit, she locks the door and takes her shoes off. When she saw that the sun was about to set, Astrid takes a seat at her balcony to watch the sunset as she always does everytime.

Sunsets never fail to amaze her. It gives her an unusual comfort and brings peace to her mind, heart and soul. Wherever she is, she would always try her best and not miss seeing the sunset.

After watching the sunset, she would always stay for a few more minutes to breath the fresh air while scanning through her phone.

She notices that the photos in her camera roll is almost at 30,000 now. She scans through it to delete some pictures, when a few set of photos caught her attention. She looks at the case and saw that the phone she grabbed was her old phone. She looks at the photos again and took a more careful look to make sure her suspicion was right.

She was indeed right. The set of pictures was taken from 3 years ago. It was her ex, Peter, when they were still a couple and travelling together. Staring at the pictures made her reminsce the past.

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