6 Finland

[SEPTEMBER 2, 2015]

We arrived at finland on September 1st, a day ahead of our anniversary. He said that he wanted to try the activities day before our anniversary, so that we can chill on our special day.

We did a lot of activities. From morning to night, we were exploring the beauty of Finland.

We went skiing for the first time. I fell down a lot of times and he laughed at me every time. But he never failed to help me up. We then visited Santa Claus and took a look around the beautiful village. We also tried ice fishing for the first time, but unluckly, we didn't caught any. We went to the famous Levi Ice Gallery where all the sculptures were carved out from ice. We ate delicous foods and drank some beer. After being full, we relaxed by riding some reindeer, in which I eventually fell asleep. We then went to the zoo and saw polar bears, lynxes and wolves for the very first time, because he likes animals so much. He looked adorable whenever he was petting any animals. He always turns soft. The baby polar bears warmed his heart so much.

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We did all these activities from morning to midnight. Trying out every activity we could find, see and encounter. Eating every food offered to us. Going to places that the people suggested.

Our last attraction was the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis. They said that any day at September between the times 10 pm to 3 am was a great time to see the northern lights.

We witnessed it at almost 1 am on September 2nd after having some hot drinks.

To witness the northern lights on our special day was truly a magical one and it brought so much joy to our hearts. We felt contented and happy. I felt loved.

Peter didn't seem tired from all the activites we've done because he still wanted to ski even though it was 1 am.

We then went skiing again for the next couple of minutes. It seems like he was already tired and proposed going back to our glass igloo.

The moment we arrived, he quickly changed his clothes and laid on the bed. I can't help but laugh at his small actions. I was about to change mine when he called my name.

"Astrid," his voice was quiet and soft, but it was loud enough for me to hear.

I approached him and he held my hand.

Peter then softly said, "I really had fun today. Thank you. Happy Anniversary, I love you to the moon and back."

He fell asleep right after he said that, not even waiting for a reply and he never wanted to let go of my hand.

I softly planted a kiss on his forehead and softly whispered, "I love you to the moon and back."

I looked at the sky and saw the faint colors of the northern lights, along with the thousands of lights coming from the stars. Under the thousands stars and the warmth coming from Peter's hand, I can't help but smile, feeling the happiness fill my heart.

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