7 Chile

[JUNE 3, 2016]

It was our 3rd day in Chile and I was sleeping that time. I felt Peter's hand shaking my sleeping body and heard his soft voice calling my name.

But I ignored it all, because I still felt sleepy and tired from the travel we did the days before.

I groaned and turned away from his direction and covered myself with the blanket.

"Astrid, wake up, we're ____ ____ mountains," Peter spoke softly. His words were vague and 'mountains' were the only thing I understood. I woke up with a bad blood and threw a glare at him.

"It's so early!" annoyance was present in my voice. I kicked my feet and punched the pillows besisde me and threw a tantrum like a 3-year-old girl.

"I know, but it's best if we go there early."

I knew better than to fight back. I groaned again and just got up and went to the bathroom to take a bath. The cold water ran down my body and sent chills to my spine. But it actually didn't help in washing away the heat in my blood.

I looked at the closet to find clothes for hiking.

"Why are you gonna wear that? We're not going to climb the mountains"

"But you said mountains! What are we gonna do then huh? Camp there?!"

Peter just laughed at me. "Okay fine, go on then"

I rolled my eyes and slammed the bathroom door shut. It was still so early and I only had almost 4 hours of sleep because we returned late from the day before.

Looking back to that moment, I guess he really knew me well. He handled my moods well, just as I handled his moods well.

I was quiet the whole ride. I saw him stealing glances at me and laughing afterwards.

"You can take a nap. Our destination is quite far." I guess he noticed my furrowed brows and felt the sleepiness kicking in.

Slowly, I felt my heavy lids close.

I suddenly woke up and realized that we stopped. Peter was no longer at the driving seat and I saw him in a distance from the car. I suddenly had a smile on my face from seeing him. He looked so good.

I stared at him for a little longer and noticed that he was fixing his camera. I took a quick photo of him and got out of the car and approached him afterwards.

"You're awake. You looked so peaceful while sleeping, so I did not bother to wake you up since I still need to fix some things." He smiled at me. Damn, his smile is really gorgeous. I could look at it the whole day and I won't even feel tired.

"What do you need the camera for?"

"For filming of course."

He let out a small laugh because of my confused face. "We're gonna film a travel vid. Ugh, this will be a huge spoiler. But, before this year started, I planned on taking vids for our trips, compile them on one video and show it you before next year starts. Just a little gift for you."

I was surprised when I heared that. I totally ruined the surprise and it really, really, really made me feel bad.

"Oh my, I am so sorry" I facepalmed myself from embarassment and felt really sorry.

"Don't be, you don't have to worry about it anymore. You might wanna change clothes though. I brought you clothes. Go change in the car."

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I was really embarassed and I couldn't look at him well in the eyes. I guess he noticed and understood how I felt. He pulled me into a hug and he was rubbing his hand on my hair.

"You no longer have to worry about it, okay? It's fine, and besides you looked so cute earlier." He softly whispered at me, and said the last sentence with a soft laugh.

I smiled and gave a laugh at his remark. I hugged him tighter and he was giving me forehead kisses.

I did what he told me and we finished filming after almost an hour or two. We explored the place first before going back into the city.

He had the biggest smile that day and it really looks good on him. I am so happy that I can give him smiles that beautiful. I love you, Peter. So much.

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