37 The Russian's Gambit: Part 13 (Unlucky)

Two weeks later.

"Haaaaaaa," Patrick yawned after he got out of the bed. He felt a little lighter on his face. Tango must have removed that bandages from his face. The room was dim due to the only light source was a small table lamp on top of the coffee table.

'Hmm, looks like I have to wear clothes now,' he looked around as he found that Tango has provided him with a simple white hospital pajama. He got out of that bed and walked to the table where Tango put his hospital pajama. He noticed something odd, something weird when he wore his pants.

He took a deep breath and screamed from the top of his lungs, "Where's my schlong?" In a high pitched voice.

'Was that I? It can't be right?' he commented on his sudden high pitched voice. Then the door suddenly opened, it revealed a black long-haired girl in his pink pajama, wearing a nightcap while holding a fujoshi dakimakura.

"It's 4 AM in the morning Patrick? What's wrong?" Aline asked as she got thrown a pillow right on her face.

"What's wrong your head? You fujoshi, did you cut my schlong?" Patrick shouted at her.

"No, I didn't, it just went inside," Aline said. Patrick was panicked. He was looking for his schlong. Aline felt that she had to explain several things. Patrick couldn't perceive the situation since Aline just made a small laugh in the door.

She approached him, "You haven't gotten it have ya? Even from my obvious clue," Aline laughed as she gave him the clothes and told him to wear that first.

He told him to calm down first then she would explain everything about the change that she made to his body. Well, was it right to call it his body though?

"Ok, would you take a look at this X-ray?" She asked as she showed him lumps on his chest, "The clue is the Russians have ID you and send it to their database."

"What does it has to do with my schlong?" Patrick asked her, "Do the Russians want my long thick schlong?"

"C'mon Patrick. It isn't that long and thick compare to Johnny Sins's or any other porn stars," Aline said as she showed him her dakimakura which Patrick gladly punched the bolster with his hands.

"You really destroy my nerve as a man," Patrick commented on her opinion of his Schlong. "Have you really seen that?" Patrick asked.

"Yup, I've seen that during the surgery. It was very flappy and bloody. Well, what could you expect from a person that just got mag dumped," Aline said to him. For Aline, it was a professional comment from medical personnel, but for Patrick, it was more like someone just decided to stab his heart using a sharp knife.

"You're really questioning my manliness aren't you?" Patrick asked her.

"Are you really a boy anymore?" Alice said with a bigger smirk on her face.

"What's so funny?" The confused Patrick became more confused. Maybe he was the most confused person on the entire planet right now due to the disappearance of his dong.

"Did I just tell you that I didn't amputate your schlong? It just went inside," Aline said to him, "You're so dense huh? I thought that you will figure it out alone in the darkness, but well," she turned on the light of the whole room.

Aline walked outside of his room with the dakimakura on her hand, "Good night Patrick," she closed the door again and went back to her room.

"Wait, come back," Patrick shouted from his bed. Before he realized the situation he was in. 'Wait a minute, this ain't a chest hemorrhage or any inflammation.' he looked at his chest or her chest.

'What the fuck?' he unbuttoned his clothes and checked on his newly formed breast. 'This is a dream right?' he said as he inspected his breast, 'Nah, this is too real. Wait, could it be? Nah, this must be a dream.' He kept telling to himself. Well, only one way to find out. He looked around for the nearest bathroom.

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He got up from that bed and felt as if his feet were made from jello. "Damn it, I've been in a coma for too long." He fell down on the ground. He tried crawling on the ground, 'Why does this condition feel like the prologue of MGS5?' he commented as he tried to stand up from the ground.

He crawled up on the ground as he tried to stand up by using a coffee table. He managed to stand up on his feet. He managed to sit down on the couch. 'Damn, I can't even walk,' he said as he looked at his reflection on the dark TV screen. On that screen, he could see a beautiful black haired girl that was sitting on the couch with some kind of very tired face.

'Is that beautiful person... Is me?' he asked himself. He looked at the TV and he looked at his reflection again. 'Who is this person? She doesn't have any similarity with me,' he said as he looked as himself clearly. He unbuttoned his clothes and saw his chest showing up, 'I feel like I'm watching porn,' he said as he inspected his chest.

'Where's my phone by the way?' he looked around for his phone. Then, Tango entered his room again albeit with better clothes than last time. At least she wore a doctor's clothing this time.

"Enjoying your new body huh?" Aline said as Patrick was groping his chest. "I guess, you should have known that I know every single one of you," Tango said as she sat down on that couch. She gave him an envelope and she also brought a very large container beside her. She also injected something at his neck.

"A little pick me up, you should be able to walk now," Tango said as she injected the solution into his new body. Patrick grabbed the envelope and it contained a fair amount of money. It also contained an ID card, a student ID, a passport, and a keycard. It also contained a letter that revealed a large number of details in it.

[From Me]

For: Delta

You have been terminated. How does it feel? Due to the circumstances with the Russians and the fact that your traces in this world have gone, I decided to change your identity.

Your name from this point is Lizeth Grant. You're Adrian Patrick Grant twin sister who just moved in from another state. You're an orphan that moved to the capital on 31st June of 2020. You're studying at a school located on the south side of the capital. It is an all-girl school. You will start studying in two weeks from now.

[End of Letter]

"Why don't you try plastic surgery on me?" Patrick asked Aline on her decision alone. Her decision was not liked by him, but he didn't have the choice to reject it too.

"Well, I try to be honest, but I fear that the Russians will recognize you due to several face features that still there so I scrapped that idea and returned your face to normal," Aline paused, "Then I have a brilliant and safe idea. I use certified mutagen drugs on you to turn you into a girl. Don't worry, I have the cure, but the Russians will certainly hunt you down," Alone said.

"I see that. So... I have to stay like this for a long period of time," Patrick said as she moved closer to her. Alina looked at her face.

"You're so pretty you know, even for my standard," Aline said as she touched Patrick's face, "For your information and only for your information. Lima is Lynn, and I know that both of you are falling in love with each other. Hmm, I wonder what she will be when she knows that her crush died," Aline said as she touched Patrick's face.

"I have to admit, the drugs work far beyond what I've expected," Aline said as she calmed herself down before she got seduced by someone who had the same gender.

"Listen, you need to put points into your personal skill tree so you can go toe to toe with a special force operator," Alina said.

"Ok, could you leave, please. I need to adapt with my new body," Patrick said as Aline smirked at him and she left the room.

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