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Phone App: Portable Armory


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What is Phone App: Portable Armory

Phone App: Portable Armory is a popular web novel written by the author MaxwellKHA, covering SYSTEM, GENDER-BENDER, YURI, GUNS, ROMANCE, COMEDY, SCHOOL-LIFE, WPC 114, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 1.4M readers with an average rating of 4.17/5 and 66 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 233 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


CIA. FSB. How can I be involved in all of this? How can anything happen so sudden? Is everything has a secret meaning nowadays? Does the government always hiding something from us? Everything went from dealing with street thugs to dealing with a conflict between the CIA and FSB. The clock is ticking. Got to find that nuke fast. --------------------- This book contains a lot of technical terms.


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This story has a pretty good system, that I'm surprised that no one else has thought of it. The story is like most system stories, which is cool and all. But the thing that makes me want to continue reading this is the system. I haven't read any system stories as of late, and this might be able to scratch my itch. Thanks, author for sharing your story.


The story has a cool premise and the system seems unique as well. The author seems to have done a lot of research regarding guns and the like, so good job, author! One thing I have to say though is that the story needs some proofreading and some extra details. The plot seems to go a bit too fast; it would be better if it was slowed down a bit. Good luck author! :)


Terrible writing, awful story, childish characters, absurb story flow, ridiclous plot holes. 100% trash, don't read it. The MC is your average high school boy that all of sudden become top class hit man able to kill a small group of gang around 20 members eventhough he is never have any training or knowledge about any weapons whatsoever yet he can use any weapons like expert. The MC is high school student and yet he got blush and emotional over holding hand with a female classmate like 11 years old will do. There is no explanation whatsoever about the app itself like how it able to have all sort of OP features, so overall it feel so absurb and rushed. Everyone seem so indifferent toward killing someone else as if it is a game eventhough it already state as being the real world. There is world building at all, the enemies are also one dimensional goons while some are merely to add the words count so overall nothing matter. All in all, don't read this trash.


A perfectly nice novel idea ruined, trash plots story not making sense most of the time chapters contradicting previous chapters. MC is really stupid and brain dead and other people have this system before him. They can walk around with guns in the city amd no one says anything no secrecy at all but no one talks about it the story is messed up cant stress the word enough literally a waste of time to read this couldn’t even go over 10chapters


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Reveal spoiler


Thanks for reading my book. Though I will give the problems on this book. Especially since some of them could be fatally disturbing. The Unsynchronization between the info on chapter 1 and 3: The user number on the AppStore is manipulated by the system itself. Chapter 37: It's really the biggest turnoff as far as I know. Well, tbh, I plan so the relationship between him and her could be different. Yeah, he still likes her and he would find a way to get her heart again. Don't worry though, he will be changed back as soon as the business with the Russians is over. That's all I can give for now. Thanks for reading this.


A very nice gamer book. Almost found myself in it while sleeping I thought I was one of them contractors.. Though some typo errors could be encounter, its the story itself that brought spices.. Its nothing more than an rpg,felt like the author is a maniac or just addicted to guns.. Just the overkilling and bruttality that makes me cringe sometimes.. Overall, good job!!


это лучший роман, который я когда-либо видел, братан ну не самый лучший, но определенно в моей 10 лучших четырех русских махинациях в ГУЛАГе с моим товарищем Иваном


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Personally couldn't make it past the first few chapters. The MC was poorly characterised and was thrown into a gunfight in the first 5 minutes of the novel, only to show "poor aim" headshots and killing 20 people by the end of the 2nd chapter completely on his own. Give this one a miss, there have to be better ones out there than this.


Thanks for the novel 😄😀😂🙃😍😋😘😛🤪😗😜☺😘🙃😆😆😁😅😁😗😚🤑🤪😝😙🥰😊😆🤣😅😁😆🙃☺😘😛🤪😋😜😘😍🙃😂😁😃😊😘☺😜😚🤪☺😙😊🤣😀😃😄😁😁😀😄


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The story seems nice with a uncommon system that I personally have not seen before. But unfortunately its a real pain to read due to bad editing and some grammar mistakes, Hopefully Author-san can get an editor to make it more smooth to read, until then thats the best I can say...


At first it was very fun to read and interesting but chapter 7 he will lose his penis cause of surgery it's like that, because his identify has been discovered by the Russians it just ruined the romance and story nothing makes sense now it was supposed to be good. ...... dropped this and don't if you like mc with no penis.... the author has ruined this.



the story is very good for me, cant understand why there are some people with awful review.. but yeah every people had different taste on story though.. Btw buat aku belajar inggris dikit-dikit ambil kosa katanya :v thank you kak XD kudukung mumpung coin gratis XD


What can i say grossssssssssssss first few chapters No logic mc gets an app and then he kills and other people have that app too and i dislike that.


Disclaimer: I didn't get too far into the novel. With that out of the way... This is a good novel with its potential dragged down by bad (2) technical writing, but the other aspects are passable (3), good (4), or can't be judged from how far I got/great (5). Writing Quality: Lots of grammatical errors and constantly changing pronouns. Sometimes the author even randomly calls the main character by a random name. Update Stability: Self-explanatory Story Development: Decently fast paced so it's not a slog. However, that fast pace makes it so that the events of the story aren't that fleshed out and seems rushed if you're used to longer, more descriptive novels. Character Design: The characters feels a bit flat. Their biggest downfall is that they are coldblooded murderers from the start, with no reaction to kills. However, the author is good at making them recognizable even when they haven't been named. World background: The system is good. I haven't gotten far enough to judge anything so 5 stars. Note: It appears that the GL/Yuri is only temporary before turning straight and het again. The author should comment if I'm wrong.


Gender bend from at chapter 37 good luck............ cffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff


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