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Love the FL. She is smart and resourceful and I can't wait for when she finally leave the scummy emperor. She deserves someone so much better.


A very good storyline. This is the first book I have read where the the MC told the parents the truth about the host body. I mean most of the time, they hid and pretend to be the owner of the body. Just to spear the parents the grief of losing the person they care about. Thanks. I do like it when the truth are told.


Reveal spoiler


I love this story. Really worthy to be in my library and I am anticipating for the update everyday. Really good one. I hope everyone enjoying it like I do. 😍😍😍


please please dont drop this..ive invested quite a fortune (ahem..ahem) on this novel😍..i would loooooovveeeee to see the ending of this😁❤


As of chapter 70: If you are looking for a novel fantasy romance with some magic/cultivation type elements, this story is likely for you. Overall, the writing is good and the pace is steady. The romance is a slow burn and it is still unclear who the ML is, but there are definitely romantic elements throughout. Apart from typical grammar, syntax, and wrong words found in translations, my one real gripe is that the author has a bad habit of writing “ah” in almost every chapter, with almost every character, multiple times in a paragraph. By excessive, I mean one sentence alone will use that expression 2+ times, and then the following sentence be used again bu a different character, until every charcter seems to have this verbal tick. The excessive use becomes distracting and somewhat irriating after a while; however, overlooking that, the plot and rest of the writing is decent enough to continue.


The story is developing very nicely and the chapters are very well written. The FL is strong and ML is mysterious. FL is reborn in the body of the Empress who suffered a lot including loss of her son. I hope FL will face slap the white lotus and the emperor who are responsible for the tragedy. Keep it up


Love the story❤❤❤because I can't predict what will happen next, love the FL😍😍😍 because she's a strong women and love the author for active to chat with the readers 😘😘😘👍👍👍


Truly a hidden gem! Gave it a read as I found nothing else but fell in love with it! It's intriguing !! Makes you read every sentence and keeps your eyes glued to the screen! FL has a strong character and the story is wonderfully woven around her. Highly recommended !! Just hope that the author won't abandon this wonderful story.


i love the story line...i am interested that is why i am going to read this..hope that it will come up to my expectation..in the first place ..i love to read historica books


love this story[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]😎🤓


This story is fascinating, well written and has one of the best developments I have ever seen 😊😊. In love with the protagonist's strong personality, the author is to be congratulated, the story was so well done that it makes you want to read more and more, You end up getting addicted 😁😁. Honestly, I'm dying to get to the romance part and see if I'm right 😀😀. Congratulations author, you are amazing.👏👏


Very well written. Original story set in ancient times. There is transmigration. Lots Of mystery. I am at 117 and ML is still a Mystery! FL is not completely Mary Sue but her development is not slow. love this book!


I keep wanting for more chapters!! My gosh😵😵 this story drives my emotions so well.. i really love the FL❤️❤️.. a big thumbs up for the author!! You're amazing!!!🤩🤩🤩 More chapters to come pleaaaassssseeeeee....😇😁😁😁


Awiee is this one a good book? I'm excited to read it, I'm amazed by the synopsis and I think there's no harm in reading this but I hope it won't get to the point that I'll be addicted I don't have coins🥺


The story is developing very nicely and the chapters are very well written. The FL is strong and ML is mysterious enough that we don't know who it is young master Hua is the best person but the first Prince isn't bad either. I hope it is not too late to tell you that please don't let it be the emperor


OMG! Currently, I’m on chapter 12 of 78 and I am caught in a dilemma. My options are to binge read to the end or wait for more chapters. Either way, I’ll be suffering because this story is so good that I want to be able to read it all at once. Seriously, the FL better make everyone suffer for their horrible treatment of the previous host. Especially the Emperor and his white lotus.


It's been too long (1year) please update soon.


i just found this story and i quite like it, but i saw that the last update is 2 months back.. so i winder if this story will continue or not? for now i just put this on my library and will continue read it once it has steady update