1 Arc 1-chapter 1 (Companion)

It was a cloudy day. The forest was quiet, all the animals were resting. The weather was really cloudy. A hooded man is running through the woods. He's running away from 2 wolves."C'mon, c'mon", he says to himself as he's running. He spots a log with a mark in the shape of an X in front of him. As he's running he jump on it with his right leg and then jumps over a pile of branches and leaves. One of the wolves jumps over that log and falls into a trap that the man made, a hole with wooden spears. The other wolf sees that and runs around the hole. The man continued to run and he spotted another trap, a bent over branch with a rope. He lured the wolf in the trap, and as the wolf hung by his back leg, the man pulls out a knife. And with a cold, lifeless stare he slits the wolf's throat. He cuts down the wolf, pulls the other one out of the hole and drags them in the direction he was running from. A bear with a scar over a pale left eye spots him but doesn't growl nor does he go towards him. He lowers his head and goes in the opposite direction, as if he knows who the man is. The hooded man reaches a large tree with visible roots. Underneath the roots, a wolf pup sleeps. "You'll do", says the hooded man as he grabs him. He returns to his small cabin in a clearing in the forest. The cabin is big enough for one person maybe two to live in. Above the door is a sign that says:"IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE, LEAVE". Inside the cabin is a bed, a desk, weapons, a fireplace, a closet and a wooden cage. The hooded man puts the pup in cage and gives it water. As he looks into it's eyes with the same look he had when he killed his parent, the pup gets scared and tries to hide in the corner of the cage."Drink", says the man,"you're gonna need your strength for what's about to come."

From the ceiling, an orange/yellow fairy is dangling. She flies down to the other side of the cage." Whatcha got there", she says with a child like voice.

End of chapter 1

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