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As the light shines through the window, blinding my eyes. I wonder if I still can make a peaceful world. As I sit on my throne, I have no army, I am no god, I am no king, I am only a mere human with the blood of the "Shadow Race".

You might ask yourself who is this person? well, my name is Kai Phantom. I am the ruler of the "Phantom Family" and the one that is feared by all the "Black Reaper". Do not underestimate my power, I am no coward that sits on a throne and orders others to do by work.

Many believed that I was no mere human -- there not mistaken I am no human. I am the assassin that is known by "Black Reaper". One day, I will shape this world to a time where the heavens are the same value as the world. Such dreams seem impossible maybe not even worth the risk. However, courage and bravery comes from risk. To be known by others is not to Kill or Save. It is known by being someone who is taking the hardest risk in life and pushing it through to win.

"You are who you are, I am who I am, nothing more nothing less." - Kai Phantom