260 Three Old Books Part One

Mei found herself being reprimanded by Bai Hong for even thinking of fighting a core formation cultivator, when she returned to the mountain peak. The pills she took quickly healed her wounds, luckily she was not seriously hurt during the fight. Mei was mostly happy that things were finally settled between her and Xie Wen. The next day Mei's wounds were fully healed, so she decided to go tackle a mission.

When she got to the mission hall she was greeted by the same old man who was sitting behind the counter seemingly sound asleep. The other disciples all looked at Mei with a hint of fear and respect. Fear was that she held her own in a fight against a core formation cultivator at the first stage of the qi gathering realm and respect because she allowed Xie Wen one free hit at the start of the fight as a way of apologizing. 

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