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"Brother, I came with food!" Elizabeth greeted me when she walked in with Paula, holding a tray with a bowl of soup, bread, and a glass of water.

"I know that you are worried about sister Alessandra but you need to take care of yourself too. You know that she will most definitely scold you when she wakes up and learn that you are treating yourself like this." She puffed her cheeks in annoyance. I smiled apologetically and motioned her to come closer.

"Message received. I'll eat it. Can you take over for me for a little while?" I asked of her which made her smile brightly.

"Leave it to me! She took care of me in the past so I will take care of her too!"

I took a seat on a chair at the corner of the room where a small round table stands. Paula served me the food and gave a small bow, excusing herself to return to Elizabeth's side.

"Who could have done this to her?" I heard my sister ask, worry laced in her tone. "I couldn't think of anyone the Rosenfeld might have slighted. Whoever did this to sister is definitely a bad person!"

That was the same question that has been running in my mind ever since I saw her again that rainy day. Her battered appearance was too much for me. Inside me is a burning anger for myself because I wasn't able to save her from this cruelty.

"Edward! I found the path towards the center of the rose maze!"

"Alessandra, what about today's lesson? Wouldn't we get in trouble with Professor Lilia?"

"It's still tea time. Plus, I wanted to go on a date with you since we couldn't go to that boat ride the other day with little Elizabeth and Ciel." Alessandra smiled at the blonde boy whose face turned bright red upon her statement.

"Oh Eddy~ Look at you!" She laughed a little at his expression. She had always found her fiancee to be amusing, especially whenever he is feeling bashful.

Alessandra Cornelia of Rosenfeld has been betrothed to the eldest son and successor to the House of Marquess Midford, Edward Midford. Since Alessandra's brother will be the one to inherit the title, she was sent to marry into the Midfords.

Like most nobles and aristocrats, the promise of marriages has been given when they were but young children, still unaware of the world.

Alessandra comes over to play with Edward almost everyday and studies with him too. Since she is to marry to the Midfords, the Marchioness Frances, wanted her to be able to take up the sword like any woman of the Midford family.

But her delicacy prove to have hindered her skills with the sword. She was not used in getting hurt so she was afraid to learn it. But she wants her future mother-in-law's approval so she dove in regardless of how afraid she was.

She has acquired the skill with a sword enough for her to hold on her own if ever she gets attacked by normal hoodlums but not enough for stronger opponents.

Elizabeth, who was much younger than her, teaches her if they have the time. In return, Alessandra teaches her all there is to be a proper lady and a proper wife in the future.

Alessandra had always been by Edward's side and so does Edward. They've done things together since they were young and the addition of Elizabeth was most welcomed by her.

"In the future when we start a family of our own, I want a child that looks like you. Then I can shower the child with all my love since I don't think you can handle it all by yourself. My love I mean." She smiled at her dream.

Whenever the topic about their future was brought up, Edward always felt shy about it. Regardless, he will hold her hand back and reply with a blushing face.

"T-Then let's build a warm home..with the two us and our future children.." he would shyly say that would make the usual confident Alessandra to be reduce into a blusing mess.

"Then p-please take care of me.."

"Hold on! Why are you getting embarrassed! You started it!"

"You're too good to be true, Edward." She would slightly giggle before being interrupted by the energetic Elizabeth.

"Edward..?" The voice of the one who called for the young lord's name broke the young lord from his reminiscing.

"Brother! Sister Alessandra is awake! Paula call the nurses!" Elizabeth stated in a fluster.