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As soon as she fell face first on the ground, I threw the book I was holding the side and yelled for the maids and stewards to come follow me outside. Our head butler was fast to respond to my orders and ran after me quickly, an umbrella in hand.

The servants had the door open before they followed us outside the pouring rain. Our head butler, Felix, shielded me from the rain with a black umbrella as we made our way to the lady who collapsed on our estate.

The woman's injury became apparent when we got closer. Her ankles were swollen, almost purple in color. The crimson stain of her sleeves were her blood and it was still soaking through meaning her wound was still open. Her lips were bruised and her face pale.

I scooped up her limp body and carried her in my arms carefully before issuing orders to the servants.

"Prepare the infirmary and call Doctor Seinfeld from the town below! A fresh set of clothes is needed! Assemble all the guards and have them do a thorough sweep of the land and the forest. We may have an intruder or an assassin that wishes to harm the House of Midford!" I yelled out and they immediately scattered to fulfill their given orders.

Felix escorted me back inside the house where we made haste to the infirmary. The worry in my chest that I was holding back swelled up as soon as I stepped foot back into the mansion. The light from the chandelier illuminated her current state even more clearly.

My heart dropped to my stomach when I saw how badly hurt she was. There were multiple cuts and scratches on her face, and lacerations on her arms and leg that has the clothes she's wearing to be soaked with blood. This can't be happening. Not to her.

"Brother! What happened?" Elizabeth asked as she run down the central stairs.

"Edward, what is the commotion outside? You mobilized the guards without briefing us about the situation." Mother followed suit.

"Who is that lady?" Father asked, a bit concerned. "Wait, that crest!" He noticed her necklace with an engraving on it. He peeked at her face.

"Dear! This is Alessandra of Rosenfeld! Quickly! To the infirmary you go!" Father immediately notioned, motioning for us to go be on our way.

The sound of my heavy footsteps against the marbled floor echoed in my ear as I only have the thought of saving her in my mind.

"You'll be fine, Ales. You're here now. I'm here now." I whispered to her as I pick up my pace even more. There is no way I will let anything befall on this woman.

Alessandra Cornelia Rosenfeld.

The beloved daughter of the Earl Yves Everett Rosenfeld whose business flourished inregards with fashion and things a like. They also manufacture carriages and recently, cars.

They are a family that gained power due to their close relation with the Crown. They are well-known philanthropist often hosting charitable parties and fund raising events. They govern their estate, the town, and villages under it very well that the people often come and visit to give them gifts like crops and and other by-products to express their gratitude towards the Rosenfeld family.

So who could have done something like this to her? Snatchers? Kidnappers? Robbers? The possible list of threats kept on going before I realized that I was already infront of the clinic.

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As soon as I laid her down on the bed of the clinic, the maids took over and removed her clothes. I turned away before they even began so I didn't really see her body. Not like I wanted to since it is indecent.

The maids wiped her down with clean towels and applied emergency first aid on her wounds. Doctor Seinfeld arrived soon after and checked on her.

As I wait by the couch outside her curtain, I was filled with questions once more. Questions of what will I do if she doesn't make it? What if she is hurt beyond repair? What expression should I wear when I face her?

My thoughts were interrupted with the sound of curtains being drawn. I saw ber body all bandaged up and some gauze patch on her face as she lies on the bed, with her eyes closed.

"She is in a stable condition now. Any moment later would have proven fatal. The wounds in her arm were deep but I've taken care of it. She needs to change the bandages often as to prevent infection. I'll have two of my nurses here later so they can take care of her medical needs."

Relief washed away the worries I had earlier. I sat there beside her and gazed at her sleeping face. I touched her forehead with the back of my hand when I noticed the unusual redness on her face.

"She has a fever, Lord Edward. She was soaked in the rain and was fatally injured. The stress and fatigue took a toll on her body so she might be like this for a while. She needs an ample amount of rest, food, and medicine."

"The medicine, what should I give her?"

He brought out a box in his medical bag and handed it to me.

"This is a box containing medicines for fever, cold, and flu. Since she might contract other illnesses with a fever like this, I have everything covered. You can give them to the nurses or maids later. They'll handle it for you."

"Ah, no. I'll be handling these. I'll be the one to see through her recovery."

Doctor Seinfeld gave a hearty laugh while slapping my shoulder repeatedly in a playful manner. He grinned at me and sigh in relief.

"You don't have to be so tense, my lord. You know Lady Alessandra, she will pull through this. My my~ my little boy has grown up to be a splendid man!"

Doctor Seinfeld is my uncle, father's brother. He is the youngest out of three of them and has decided to pursue medicine in order to help the people of the town we govern.

"Goodness, Sein! Did you treat her? Is it done now?" Father came into the infirmary with Felix carrying a tray of tea.

"Yes, I did. She is in a stable codition now. Don't trouble yourself!" Uncle assured him of Ales' situation. "You will still have a cute daughter added to the House of Midford."

With that comment, I can feel heat on my cheeks. I was sure that I was blushing at that time.

"Edward's fiancé grew up to be this beautiful. Take care of her well, my boy." Uncle Seinfeld placed a hand in my hand, ruffling it a little.

"I'll most definitely will.."

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