9 The Release

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Sun Xiaomeng drove Zhang Zian and his pets back to the Amazing Fate Pet shop and invited him to visit her pet clinic when he had time. Zhang Zian insisted on paying for the gas.

He was a little bit excited as it was the first time he had pets of his own.

In the past, there were many types of pets in the Amazing Fate Pet shop. He didn’t use up all the cages and display cases, so he moved the leftovers into the empty room upstairs.

The layout of the whole shop was that the cashier was at the door and the pet display area was in the center. The north side was for pet products, such as cat climbing frames, traction ropes, food bowls, shavers, and warm nests, while the south side was for consumables like pet food, pet shampoo, and disinfectant. The store seemed a little empty as there wasn’t much stuff yet.

After giving it a little thought, he went to the nearby flea market and bought several evergreen ornamental plants like lobular purple sandalwood, which could not only help purify the air but also add some color to the shop.

The ornamental plants in the pet shop were for decoration, so a few plants were enough, otherwise they would be too overwhelming.

Zhang Zian had some other ideas on how to arrange the shop’s empty space, but right now was not a good time.

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The Siamese cat, the British Shorthair, the Samoyed, and the bonus hamster finally arrived at this strange new place after leaving their noisy breeding base, with a lot of bumps in the road. They all seemed a little bit timid and nervous, shrinking into the corner of their display cases and cages, uneasily shaking their heads from left to right, and checking out their new home.

The Siamese cat featured a delicate and pointed face with two large ears that looked like those of a fox rather than a cat. Its eyes were round with light-blue eyes. The fur was a milky color, while the muzzle was dark brown. The limbs were a deeper color down from the elbows, and the claws were completely black-brown like the muzzle. Its most attractive part was its ears with dark brown outer circles and pink centers. Because the cub’s auricles were so thin-skinned, and the ears were proportionally large, if it was facing the light, the blood vessels of the auricles could be clearly seen.

The Siamese cat was intelligent and lively, needing more space to move around and a lot of attention from the owner.

The British Shorthair cat was a sedate and docile one, like an elegant lady born in Great Britain. It needed some private space, and even the owner better not bother it all day long. It was fondest at a distance.

If the Siamese cat was cute, then the British Shorthair was almost the best looking among all the popular house cats. Even if it was a little bit reserved, there would be still many suitors…

The British Shorthair’s fur was smooth and blue-gray; its large and round eyes glowed with a green light. It had a pink nose, a small pout, and a little tongue sticking out and licking its hair from time to time, just like a fair lady ensuring she was always ready to model or pose for a picture.

The Samoyed… If a husky was considered the silly type of the large size dogs, then the Samoyed would be the cute type, with no mighty power. It could be considered one of the most approachable types to human beings. It seemed to be close to anyone, not defensive at all… Anyway, it was very white, just like Snow White, making people fall in love with it right away, as long as nobody saw its trouble-making.

Since the pets were all four months old, they were less flexible at adapting to new environments than adult pets. In order to not scare them, Zhang Zian decided not to touch or feed them until the next day.

It was sunset again. He was tired but fulfilled after being busy for a while.

He pulled the reclining chair to the doorway and sat down, letting the golden sunshine shine on his body and looking at the bustling flow of people, dreaming about the future.

Ding! A new notification showed on his phone.

[Navigation Elf]: Welcome back! The novice adventurer!

[Navigation Elf]: After working hard in the outside world, the home is always your best escaping harbor.

[Navigation Elf]: In order to improve your favorability, you could release the virtual pet you captured. The location has already been set as your home. The virtual pet can only be released at this location, until you become more favorable.

"Won’t the pet escape or disappear after being released?" Zhang Zian asked.

[Navigation Elf]: It won’t.

Zhang Zian clicked the virtual pet in the pet bar. The Lucky Cat appeared to be able to see his action, shrinking into a ball on the screen, more timid than the cubs…

He pointed to one empty area in the shop and clicked "Release."

Suddenly, a cat appeared after he moved his phone away. "Meow! Don’t touch me!" the cat said and hid itself behind the lobular purple sandalwood at a lightning speed.

"Damn it! How did that happen? People would think that they saw a ghost!" he screamed. The Lucky Cat was different from that stray khaki cat. The stray cat was real, but this cat was absolutely a virtual pet. How on earth could it come to life…?

[Navigation Elf]: The game used the conversion model from 3D to 2D and from 2D to 3D.

Zhang Zian said, "What the f*ck! What kind of black technology was that, manipulating as it pleases?"

However, this was a fact that he had to believe.

Since it was impossible to understand by using an ordinary human being’s intelligence, he decided to take a look at the cat first.

The pot of lobular purple sandalwood was small, and the leaves were not luxuriant, so it obviously couldn’t cover the cat’s body. The cat also realized this, so it began to move, first trying to cover its head, then changing its posture to cover its rear, just like an adult who insisted on wearing a child's clothes. How cute and stupid!

Since his childhood, Zhang Zian had been good at identifying pets and gotten to know many types of cats. But this cat was very special, and none of the cats in his mind were like that.

Its whole body was black and white, black as ink and white as snow. There was no white hair in the black area and no black hair in the white area. The black and white areas were clearly distinct. Its head, back, and the outside of its limbs were black, while its chest, abdomen, and the inside of its limbs were white.

Its ears were the usual equilateral triangle shape, and thus many types with very distinctive ears could be ruled out. In terms of shape, it should be classified as a small-medium cat, such as the British Shorthair, but its cheeks had a small, cute peach shape, rather than being as round as the British Shorthair’s. Comparing with the short-haired type, it had slightly longer hair.

"Navigation Elf, what kind of cat is this so-called Lucky Cat? Could you tell me its type without telling me its origin?" he asked curiously.

[Navigation Elf]: Your Lucky Cat can’t be fit into any classification of common cats. It only looks like a cat, but is not a real cat. It was a mythical creature, existing due to the faith of human beings.

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