20 The Falling of the First Domino

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As the saying goes, "Everything is difficult at first. A good start is half the battle." During the earlier transaction, Zhang Zian seemed very talkative and knowledgeable, but in fact, he was extremely nervous. Fortunately, he handled it well and gave the customer a good shopping experience. However, he was disappointed that the customer had used the online money transfer instead of cash, as he wanted to feel the excitement from counting the money.

"Hoo!" He took a deep breath and finally calmed down. When he turned around, he saw Galaxy quietly crouching in the crib, fast asleep. Their conversation didn’t seem to have disturbed it. He picked up his phone and started the game. "Navigation Elf, I have a question for you."

[Navigation Elf]: Go ahead, I'm always at your service.

"Uh ..." He thought for a while. "The mythical pets are not real, so they aren't supposed to get sick, right? "

[Navigation Elf]: They usually aren’t.

"Are there any special cases?"

[Navigation Elf]: Whether it was virtual or real, once captured by the player, the pet will exist in the real world in a real form, so it can get hurt and even die.

Zhang Zian’s excitement disappeared completely. He was worried and took a look at Galaxy. "Then can you check Galaxy? I noticed that there was something wrong with it. It’s unusual for it to sleep so deeply."

[Navigation Elf]: Your Lucky Cat was neither injured nor sick, but it was tired due to using its special ability and is now recovering.

"Special ability? What do you mean?"

[Navigation Elf]: It just observed your future and made the wave function of the future collapse to benefit you. Please don't worry, because it was only a brief peek into the future, and the range of influence was so small that its physical strength became weak, but it was not injured.

Zhang Zian was holding his phone tight. "What a joke! You asked me not to worry? Using its special ability recklessly for such a trifle..." He hit his thigh hard. "Or I'm just too useless and made the kitten worry about me!" He silently made up his mind, "Galaxy, I will prove it to you, even if you do not use your ability, I will make my pet shop better and better!"

Zhao Qi excitedly went back home with her new cat bag. She rented a high-rise apartment with two bedrooms and one living room. This British Shorthair was blue gray, so she called it "Lan Lan," which meant blue. While she was waiting for the elevator, there was a mother with a child at the door as well. The child was about four or five years old. One hand was holding her mother’s, and the other was being used to drink yogurt.

Zhao Qi had met them several times before, but with just a passing nod. She had never talked to them or learned their names. The only thing she knew was that they lived upstairs.

The cat bag and the child were at the same height. Lan Lan probably smelled the yogurt. It reached to the net side of the bag, and its yellow green eyes stared at the yogurt. The child was surprised, even forgetting to continue to drink the yogurt.

"Mom! Mom! It’s a cat!" The child swung her mother's hand.

The mother looked down and saw the mellow little face behind the net window. "Oh, what a kitten, a lovely kitten! It’s so quiet!" The mother squatted down, holding the child and giving lots of complements to Lan Lan.

Zhao Qi felt proud, as if they were praising her. She thought the seven thousand yuan had been well spent. When she paid ten thousand yuan to buy a Gucci purse, she never heard people in an elevator say things like "your purse is gorgeous." At most, she got some compliments when she showed it off on WeChat.

"What type of cat is this, girl? How beautiful and well-behaved it is!" the mother said with an envious face.

"It's a British Shorthair. It's really cute and easy," Zhao Qi praised as if it was her own child.

"Well, it's a foreign cat. This cat must be very expensive, right?"

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"Not too bad, it was six thousand yuan."

"Gee, no wonder. It’s worth every penny. It’s different from those that are noisy and always jumping around. Yours looks like an elegant lady."

"Mom, I want one too..." The child eagerly looked at her mother with her fingers in her mouth.

"Well, I’m afraid we can’t." The mother suddenly shifted the subject and coaxed the child.

"Please, I want it..." The child began to lose her temper.

"Ah, naughty kid… You just want to buy anything you see... Two days ago, you wanted a Barbie doll..." The mother was embarrassed.

"I don’t want a Barbie… I want a cat..." The child played her own trick.

Zhao Qi smiled and said, "I bought it at a store on Zhonghua Road. It's not far from here. The owner is very nice. If you have time, you can take your child and go have a look."

The mother smiled and said, "To be honest, we have never raised a cat. I’m afraid I can’t do it."

Zhao Qi said, "Don’t worry, I haven’t either. But if you get a cat too in the future, we can exchange our experiences with raising cats, since we are neighbors."

The mother was a little persuaded. Because her and her husband were usually busy, they didn’t have much time to play with their kid. The child was somewhat lonely. She thought it would also cost three or four thousand yuan to buy a tablet for the child, which might affect her eyesight. So she’d rather buy a kitten or a puppy to accompany the child.

"Well, tell me the address. I'll check it out with my kid when I have time," the mother finally relented.

"Yea," shouted the child, "Buy a cat! Buy a cat!"

Zhao Qi said, "Let’s be friends on WeChat. You can always ask me if you have any questions."

"Sure, thank you very much."

"You’re very welcome. We’re neighbors." Zhao Qi felt very happy. She almost forgot the unpleasantness with the b*tch assistant at work. If she hadn’t bought this kitten, she would still nod to greet the neighbors and might not have talked to them today. She immediately sent a WeChat message to Zhang Zian. "I introduced a client to you so that you can waive my delivery charge."

Zhang Zian replied, "...Sorry, I can’t waive that charge. But If I get the business, I will give you a referral fee."

Zhao Qi smiled. "The owner is very interesting." The elevator arrived, and she took the elevator up with the mother and daughter. When they arrived, the elevator door opened, and she said good-bye to them.

She found the key, opened the door, and entered the room. Like many single ladies, Zhao Qi's home was not messy, but there was still a certain distance from the standard. After all, she rented the apartment; she didn’t own it. It was unnecessary to make it so clean.

She put the cat bag on the ground, took off her coat, and put on her slippers.

"Lan Lan, this is our home. Do you like it?" She opened the cat's bag and gently held it in her arms. It was like a hairball, very warm and fuzzy.

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