1473 Sea World

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Snowy helped Zhou Jing walk in front, as Zhang Zian took Snowy's mobile phone to help her complete her live broadcast job.

"Sexy store manager, live online!"

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He felt that he was better at this than Snowy; no matter what kind of marine life Snowy pointed at with her phone, she would only repeat those words over and over again such as "So beautiful!", "Wow! It looks so cool!", "Alas! So disgusting! Haha, this fish looks interesting!"

Although he couldn't recall the specific names of these marine creatures, at least he knew what groups they belonged to and was able to infer their habits from there. His explanation was no less than that of a quasi-professional aquarium guide, but he was only broadcasting live. Regardless of what he said, the sisters would stun whatever he said, and there will be a barrage of "big pig trotters". It made him rather indignant.

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