1 Sword Intent!

"Fuck! why is it so dark here?"

Ritik after reincarnating realised that, something wasn't right. When he reincarnated, he appeared in a dark room, where he wasn't able to see anything, and this room wasn't even ten square meters.

"Ohhh, my sexy hot goddess! why did you reincarnate me in this black room?'

"You are so hot, your boobs are so big but why the fuck your mind is so narrow. I just said you are a very hot miss goddess, I want to marry you and you did this to me?"

When he realised, he can't do anything about it, he sat on the ground silently and started to think. When he saw that goddess who summoned him, his perverted mind acted on instinct, and those words left his mouth. You can see what happened after that.

He didn't know the goddess didn't leave him for a single moment since they first met. She was with him at every moment and was trying hard not to laugh at his childlike behaviour. But why was she helping him? Why was she was with him? Even though he was merely human, and she was the goddess.

After some time, a sharp pain hit his head, he screamed in agony.

"Ahhh! Fuck! What's going on here, didn't that Goddess said, I need to save this world? Why am I fucking plugged here? Now, this horrible pain, arrghh!" Ritik lied on the ground and screamed a few hours then became silent. At this time Ritik's condition doesn't seem better than a dead dog.

When all the pain was gone, he felt, there is so much knowledge surging in his mind, and he started to browse through it.

He read about many things, like magical creatures, Cultivation, Gods etc. There was so much knowledge that he couldn't read it in a few days. He started to learn every bit of that knowledge one by one, he knew, it might be the gift from the sexy hot goddess who may have fallen in love with him, after seeing his handsome face and didn't bear to see him in this condition.

If that goddess knew the thoughts of this pervert, will she cut him in small slices, then feed to the dogs? Probably yes, but Ritik didn't have any sense of shame and continued to read everything.

Day after day passed, He realised a strange thing, that was, he didn't seem to feel hungry and didn't even weaken a bit. He didn't linger on that issue for long because the knowledge, he was learning was far more interesting than he had thought previously.

Two months later, he was able to read everything inside his mind. There was one more peculiar thing, that was, he didn't even forget a single word, he previously read.

He didn't know the Goddess has given him exceptional treatment. Now, he has instant memorising skill. Even he knew he might misunderstand it into something else.

After reading everything, He realised, in this new world strength reign supreme. If you are weak, anyone can kill you anytime. You don't even have the right to question them.

When Ritik finished reading, he started to search for a compelling Cultivation Art. After searching for some-time, he cursed loudly "Fuck! Why every cultivation art is of wind attribute. I wanted a fire or lightning type, which looks badass and powerful! My beautiful hot goddess, are you playing a prank on me?" He looked towards the sky, which he didn't see(obviously) and shouted few times but didn't get any response, with a dejected expression, he chose one of the most potent Cultivation Art in his arsenal.

"Wind Devouring the Heaven Sword Art"

"Hmm, the name doesn't sound bad, when my enemies hear a name this badass. They might just run away, before even fighting me, hehe" He laughed out loud when he imagined his enemies running, and he was chasing after them.

"Now, let's try to cultivate it. At its first stage, I have just to create a sword with my finger. According to the cultivation Art, first, I have to learn how to use a sword intent. It seems pretty easy though, let's try" He murmured for some time, after that, he started to cultivate excitedly.

The first day passed, he didn't get any enlightenment in the cultivation Art, but he didn't stop cultivating, day after day passed. After ten days, he still wasn't able to reach the first stage of the cultivation Art.

"What the fuck! What's wrong, I'm doing? ain't I a genius or my talent isn't suitable to cultivate this cultivation Art?" He pondered on the problem; he was facing. He didn't want to change his cultivation Art, not because it was powerful, because it sounds so badass and cool.

After pondering some time, he again started to cultivate and pledged; he won't emerge until he cultivates his cultivation Art to the first level. Who is going to believe on the pledge of someone shameless like him? Hehe.

After two days, he again opened his eyes, not even remembering his pledge. Though, this time, he had some results but still far from enough. After that, he again started his cultivation, as this one month passed. On the morning of this day, something incredible was happening inside his body. There was a small sword appeared inside his head and between his eyebrows, sword mark as well-formed.

Very sharp sword intent was releasing from the mark on his forehead, any sword cultivator would be able to tell, it was an early stage of the sword intent.

"Hahaha, I did it, fucking hell. It was so hard; it took me one month to reach level one. How much time will I need to reach level two, 'sword and man as one', Aiya'" If another sword cultivator would have heard his sigh, he probably hacked, this shameless bastard to death because cultivating sword intent is a challenging thing to do and some sword cultivators spend years to cultivate it.

Someone able to cultivate sword intent in just one month was unheard of, he will be considered a supreme genius anywhere in this world.

After that, he produced small swords with his fingers and sometimes played with them.

Then he continued, after forming a silver sword inside his head. The colour of the sword represents the element of the cultivator. After a four-month of hard work, he was able to double the size of the sword inside his head and reached mid-stage of the sword intent.

Every day was dark and lonely, but he didn't lose his mind and continued to cultivate. Maybe, the goddess was able to see his perseverance nature, that was the only reason, he got another chance to reincarnate.

He took a whole year to reach the peak-stage of the sword intent. Now, he was trying to break-through to the second level 'sword and man as one', but he didn't know that when he reached the second level, his real adventure and cultivation path will begin...

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