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Perverted Otherworlder


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What is Perverted Otherworlder

Perverted Otherworlder is a popular web novel written by the author Big_Yellow, covering R-18, HAREM, POLYGAMY, REINCARNATION, PERVERTED MC, OVERPOWERED MC, CULTIVATION, SHAMELESS MC, ACTION, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 1.9M readers with an average rating of 4.04/5 and 105 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 257 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Being dragged forcefully, the young man found himself in a world where cultivation and magic exists. In this vast multi-worlds, the blood of the innocent and the blood of the guilt is spilled like it's nothing. "I finally found you," The words sent a jolt to his soul as an unknown yet familiar blurred memory played in his mind. Embraced by the unknown woman, they shared a kiss to his surprise. Wearing a ring that held half of the power of his past life, the young man ventured to find his women and retrieve his lost memories. Oh yeah, he was transferred naked.


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You want comedy? read this You want true harem? read this Perverted MC? read this NOT DENSE MC? read this OP MC? read this Having a bad day? read this Having a good day? read this Having exam tomorrow and you don't feel like studying? read this Parents are not home? read this Why did I write this? read this Okay stop. read this STOP. read this F*ck this. read this


That's a great work, keep it coming and please don't drop this novel because you will be dissapointing some of us. Love the way the MC is really perverted in all ways.


One of the funniest novel i read s far and i'm liking it. Happy LOLing. Why the hell is this novel in some lonely corner in the website? 5 stars out. ....................................................


Terribly, terrible start. It reads like it was written by an overexcited, careless teenager, both in grammar, presentation and content. I looked at the newer chapters, and they seem better, but leaving the beginning half of your story in such an unreadable state is a great way to never get any new readers. The beginning is everything. I highly suggest you spend a bit of time going back to edit that horrifying mess of a start before you write any new chapters.


A novel for a true pussy, for a true wuss. The MC can not even be considered to be a man. Damn, the plot is good but why make the MC like that? A cock-tease and a pussy. Nice writing by the way but wrong character development. Making an R-18 novel and perverted MC with no dick.


Dog**** spelling and grammar. Its like MTL. As of chapter 10 or so, the world building is great though. ..... ............. .. .. . .......... ..


Why has it a R18 tag... there is no reason it's childish comedy..... The most sexual happening in this is a bit groping therd is no real interaction with his partners or development He simply collects childish relationships with beauties for no real reason... he simply has those relationships thats it Nothing else happens why would you start a relationship without taking advantage of it... especially since he is described as a pervert. ..................................................................................


This is beyond trash!!! I can't believe anyone who reads would actually see this piece of shoddily collected words as a suitable read!!! It is not only a waste of time and space it is disappointingly poor in every sense. No coordination in the writing. World building is non-existent. The characters have no builds. The descriptive prowess of the writer is nothing to write home about. This is a waste of time. Do not read this.


Faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster faster


Reveal spoiler


If you are going to be a dicck about it.. Go on.. Saying that the author's writing is worse than a kid... Saying MC is being Dumb. Broken English.. collection of words... Calling this novel trash.. You fu×k×rs have not even read 50 chps and start reviewing this reading 2 to 10 chaps.. Every body started feeling like they are the great reviewers of all time..putting **** out there... For all of those who reviewed this as trash... have you ever written a novel... do you F****** know how challenging it is to write a novel...... Do you know how consistent you need to be to meet fans expectations every day.. Do you know how your reviews make author's feel like.... They are not Super rich and have time to write novels all day... Many of these authors struggle day to day with there own problems and still write chapters at night... If you wish to support the author or help him in his growth..tell him what he could improve..and what he is lacking...Don't put upfornt posters of your ****ty opinions Coming to me... This is a f****** good novel.. The grammar has never f******* bothered me... I loved the f******* comedy that was crazy lit everytime... Has good plot.. Good world building... Good progress.. Loved it through out... and hoping that author would continue it soon....


This is Crap Misleading Tags Gosh! r-18 SH*t Yup BullShi*t. Fucking Bullcrap TAg Just Put MATURE Fck TARD. BullCRap OVerload .. ..


Nice novel yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny enough and a true harem. Maaaannnnnn love this sh*t hehehehehehehehehehehehhehehhehhehehehhehehhehehhehehehehhehehehhehehehehehhehehehhehehehehehehehehehehheehehehehehehehehehehehhehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe


Very fun novel about a OP pervert as he has fun traveling meeting lots of other OP girls to have fun adventures with :D Although its about a pervert thankfully it never gets to crazy and is similar to High School DxD but in a cultivators work with all kinds of crazy magic and monster girls :D


This novel satisfied the need to read a novel. It is OP, it is funny, it is ecchi and it got harem in it. Please keep up the work and keep this updated.


fucking awesome! this is what a great story should read like ! love it ! this needs to be made into a movie , the author is a genius , a visionary , a pioneer in originality . yo this novel is really good , immersive , thrilling and exciting , keep it going and keep it coming , i'm hungry for more , don't tease me , give me satisfaction , i need more chapters !


i like OP MC. its the best MC ever. keep up the good work . hehehe. release more chapters bro. im hungry. noo WE are hungry . like wolves ready to pounce at you .


Muhahahahaha! The funny stuff already made me happy for this book. The world building is already there, and the characters are interesting. I hope to see some fantastic action scenes and pervy stuff. The story, with regards to earlier chapters is not too deep. It leans to be entertaining and funny. Well it's good.


This is gold I say. Don't listen to the haters this is gold I tell you. Please update more and don't drop this lad. And to all of those that say that this is in a corner of webnovel...................... You are absolutely right!!! Ahahahahahahahahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!!!


Such a cool novel...... Beats me wats this doing in some unknown corner..... Way better than many others who r totally undeserved........ Keep up good work team......


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