Perfection in imperfections Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Perfection in imperfections


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Do you know how we've all made mistakes? Some worse than others. Imperfection is key, journey through the ends of the Earth, and not a single perfect soul shall be found. We are different, look past the mistakes and there you'll find beauty. Ever met someone confusing, complicated, and ridiculously annoying? , Say hi to Jeremy. And then there's Natasha, nice, loving, and simple with buried pasts she's afraid to face. He's a professional model and she's an amateur. He's rude and exhausting while she's gentle and calm. He's dealing with heartbreak and she's a single mom. Thanks to the agency their lives they have to suck it up and deal with each other. They are both forced to share a house, not the best thing ever but that begins the journey to a life of perfect imperfection. Who cares? perfection is overrated anyway... NB: Artwork isn't mine, if it belongs to you and you want it taken down kindly say so. Thank you @MissReeed for this absolutely fabulous cover.