244 Acting Indecent

After she had finished walking Elder Tang outside, Lu AnLing felt nice and calm.

She hadn't had time to gather her thoughts but now, standing outside, surrounded by the cool air, Lu AnLing took a deep breath.

As she did this, the old men spoke to each other, with Elder Tang sneaking glances at her every so often. Lu AnLing wasn't sure why but she did not call him out on it.

After a while though, Lu AnLing became curious but before she could ask the question, Tang Bingyi called out to her.

Turning around, Lu AnLing saw Tang Bingyi, who was walking with one woman Lu AnLing didn't know, and another woman she knew quite well.

When the three stopped in front of her, Lu AnLing was not sure what to say.

While Tang Bingyi put her grandfather in the car, Lu AnLing eyed Madame Tang for a second, unsure of whether she should act like she knew the woman or not but then, seeing how Lu AnLing and her mother exchanged glances, Tang Bingyi said,

"AnLing, this is my mother, Tang Huian and my cousin Tang Yiling."

Lu AnLing nodded and shook Madame Tang's hand. As she did, Madame Tang squeezed Lu AnLing's hand and looked at the girl with emotions Lu AnLing didn't understand but she didn't try to speak.

Seeing a weird moment pass between the two, Tang Yiling frowned.

"Hello... I'm here too." Tang Yiling sneered.

Hearing this, Lu AnLing turned to Tang Yiling and shook the woman's hand.

The woman squeezed Lu AnLing's hand hard, causing the girl to flinch slightly but as soon as she did this, Lu AnLing countered by squeezing the woman's had as hard as she had squeezed hers but Lu AnLing made sure to make Tang Yiling feel more pain by grinding her bones together.

On reflex, Tang Yiling pulled her hand away from Lu AnLing and said,

"What's your problem?"

Lu AnLing frowned herself and said, "I was about to ask you the same thing."

Realizing the fearlessness in Lu AnLing's voice, Tang Yiling felt anger erupt within her. "You're such a savage. Do you even know who I am? How could Kang Jun like someone like you?"

Lu AnLing laughed dryly and stepped closer to the girl. "I can show you what a savage is like..."

Mother Tang hit both girls over the head. "Stop it, you're both acting indecently."

Tang Yiling glared at her aunt, meanwhile, Lu AnLing sighed and said,


Seeing this, Tang Bingyi did not know how to react.

Realizing what she had just done, Mother Tang turned to Lu AnLing with wide eyes, and said, "I'm so sorry... I shouldn't have done that to a stranger..."

Lu AnLing cocked her head and whispered, "Am I..."

Though no one other than Mother Tang had heard this. Her body suddenly froze.

Mother Tang deserved what she was feeling right now, but she still needed to rectify.

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Leaning into Lu AnLing, Mother Tang said, "My number hasn't changed. Please call me. We'll have a chat..."

With that said, Lu AnLing nodded.

The Tang women then excused themselves and left for home as Lu AnLing looked at the car drive away with utter confusion. Meanwhile, Elder Kang turned to Lu AnLing.

By then Kang Jun had appeared from inside the venue and made his way to Lu AnLing's side. Once the two were together, Elder Kang sighed and said,

"Family meeting time... hurry to the manor, let's get the dramatics over with."

Hearing this, Lu AnLing smiled weakly at the tired old man.


Kang Jun and Lu AnLing were in the car, being driven by Rong Xin, in the dead of night. Silence overtaking them.

Kang Jun usually didn't mind the quietness but it was unusually for Lu AnLing to be this quiet so the man couldn't help but turn to her and ask,

"What's wrong?"

Lu AnLing, who was looking out the window sighed. "I saw my aunt today..."

Kang Jun frowned. "That's a good thing right?"

"It should be but..." Lu AnLing did not know how to explain it. In the simplest terms, this just meant that her father was a Tang... but her father had always gone by Lu Yian. Not Tang Yian...

If Tang Huian was truly Tang Bingyi's mother, then this meant that she and Tang Bingyi were cousins and that would just mean that she was a Tang by birth. Thinking about it made Lu AnLing's head hurt though she truly didn't have time to think about this.

Lu AnLing looked at Kang Jun and gave a sad smile. "I'll explain later. Let's just get through this one battle at a time..."

Kang Jun wanted to know but he did not ask any more questions.

The car ride became quiet once more but then Lu AnLing suddenly frowned. "When it comes to Sheng... Did you know that your nephew and my friends were... you know?"

Kang Jun did not pretend he didn't understand her question. Instead, he put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her on the forehead, then he leaned into her, and whispered in her ear.

"Did you really think I'd let you be some random man's pretend girlfriend. No matter how you ended up meeting Sheng's parents, I would have always been there, to surprise you."

Hearing this, Lu AnLing face darknened.

Sometimes Kang Jun was a very playful man in a strange way. He just loved to see Lu AnLing flustered and Lu AnLing knew this well but she didn't know he would go to such an extent. Hearing his explanation, she frowned hard but she wasn't actually angry with him.


It didn't take long for the two to arrive at Kang Manor and when they did, there was a medley of cars outside.

Looking at them, Lu AnLing sighed, "Everyone's here?"

Kang Jun nodded.

Kang Jun got out of the car first and then he opened the door for Lu AnLing.

As the two walked inside elegantly, Lu AnLing held onto Kang Jun's arm and Rong Xin followed behind them.

It hadn't even been several hours after the party had ended, and the Kang Family's main branch gathered in Kang Manor.

If this was a normal circumstance, there wouldn't be enough chairs but Elder Kang had arranged previously for the housekeeper to make some room. With Elder Kang at the head of one side of the table and Feng Zhengyi at the head of the other, while the other Kang men and their spouses sat on the longer sides. Only the great-grandchildren were not there.

Looking at his grandfather, Kang Jun said, "Where are they?"

Elder Kang nodded and said, "With the housekeeper."

Kang Jun frowned. He did not like that woman. So he turned to Rong Xin and gestured to the man. He knew exactly what this meant and he left the room.

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