1 Chapter 1 : Unlucky Girl

I woke up and looked at the mirror the first thing I saw was my messy hair and my bangs scattered on my forehead. Today, I'm moving to dorms for the first time I should look gorgeous, right? But I choose not to, I was too lazy to curl my hair so I had a quick shower then brushed my teeth and then braided my hair. I wore a comfortable unicorn hoodie and white shorts with my multi-colored sneakers and ran out to hug my mom before I went to my hostel.

"Mom I'm ready" I said with a huge smile on my face.

"What kind of a dress is this?" She said with a high tone which showed that she was angry. She paused and pressed her lips together and out came the words I was expecting "change it".

"Mom" I give a why-don't-you-understand look and ran into my room to change. I wore my usual yellow hoodie with jeans.

"Is this ok now? "

"The same dress again? This is the tenth time you're wearing the same hoodie this week "

"Mom there are only seven days in a week," Those words just rolled out of my mouth in a flow. I straightened my bangs with my hand and pouted my lips in front of the small mirror nearby just to see how cute I was.

"Let's go I don't wanna be late" I said while jumping up and down like a child

"Sure let's leave right now" she shrugs.

I spoke with Dad on the phone while Mom was driving, he's not in town sadly and I miss him so much. I wish he was here to drop me there with mom.

By the time we reached college, my hair stuck out and the layers on the front covered my face. Mom took a look at me and started laughing.

"Does it look funny?" I asked scared

"Oh not at all, your adorable honey" she smiles and moves my bangs and kisses me on my forehead.

"Need help?"

Some guy offered to help us. His was quite familiar and gave me chills I was pretty sure about who it was so I didn't turn my face.

"no" I immediately replied "I can handle this on my own".

"Yes please," mom says with a soft elegant voice she always has.

.Why is he here? What does he wanna do? Ruin my college life as well? I asked myself.

"Parker? What are you doing here?" I raise my voice.

"Do you know him, honey? " My mom asked worried

"Oh, she never told about me to you? Well, Jenny is my....."

"Friend, Right?" I screamed.

"Oh, nice to meet you, Parker"

"Yes" I try to sound excited but I was actually terrified.

"Parker if you don't mind can you please help Jennie with her luggage I'm running late for work today".

"Not a problem Mrs Thomson". He said with his deep voice.

He smirks at me. I roll my eyes and fold my hands. We unload the luggage from the car and mom jumps back inside.

"Bye Jennie take care, I'm running late, you have a nice friend by the way, what a coincidence, lucky you" She said happily

Lucky? No way. She doesn't know anything that happened behind the scenes. I don't want her to go she doesn't know what situation she got me into. I turn my face quickly and again fold my hand with my chin raised in the air. Parker is tall so to get a clear look I had to look up like I was looking at a tree.

"What is your problem huh? I don't need a hand I can handle all the luggage myself what are you doing here anyway? " I asked him annoyed.

"Well I got admissions in the very same college so I'm pretty sure I have the rights to walk around the campus" He replied

"You what..... Why are you following me?"

"I am not following you I seriously don't have that thought, this is one of the best universities. I made it here through my hard work and not to stalk you, I came her entirely to study "

"Then just don't bother me anymore"

" How can I not bother my girlfriend?"

"Your what?" I say while I try to pull one of my luggages into my room. "Excuse me, sir, I am not interested in you anymore please leave me alone, I'm trying to move on". I couldn't pull it in. The luggage was indeed very heavy.

"You need my help now" he laughs. I had to admit he was right. I managed to not make any eye contact with him while we walked through the corridor. I kept my lips tightly closed so that I don't utter a word even though many questions were bubbling inside me.

"So I guess this is your dorm" he finally opens his mouth to talk something. We place the luggage in my side of the dorm and move out for another round. This time while walking Parker asked me "you found a man who would abide by your rules yet? ". I give him a bossy look "not yet but I bet I will".

"You won't because I'm the most amazing person you will ever find". He said full of pride. I ignore him once again who does he think he is?

By the time we come back, a girl sits in her side of a dorm which is filled with pictures of angels, centaurs, Cerberus and other mythical beings you name it. She's got mid-length extremely curly black hair and brown eyes just like mine. She wore spectacles and looked like a nerd.

"Hi" she smiles at me.

I immediately like her because she looked soft natured and has a beautiful voice probably like a siren's.

I give her a huge smile and turned my face towards Parker who looked as though he was expecting something from me.

"What?" I ask him

"Won't you thank me?" He smiles at me.

"Thank you," I say as though I'm tired of everything.

"Your welcome babe" he quickly wrapped his arms around me.

I pushed him away and took a few steps away from him.

"Don't call me babe get out " I almost screamed. He shrugs and walks out.

"Hey I'm Darcy nice to meet you" the curly black-haired girl introduced herself.

"I'm Jennie nice to meet you," I say tucking my loose strands behind my ear.

"Who's he your boyfriend? " She asks in a playful tone.

"Yes, he is. Probably for now. I'm trying to get rid of him "

"Why tho? He's handsome and I see he's a helping hand as well "

"You don't know his attitude Darcy, I'm one of the most unluckiest girl in this world to have such a boyfriend"

"What happened"? She asked while laughing.

"Oh it's a long story I don't wanna bore you with it "

"Go ahead," she says "I'm all ears and I have time to kill"

I frown and thought for a while till my face lit up. I found a human being who's finally going to listen to my story.

"It all started in high school when I was fifteen... "

...to be continued

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