1 the betrayed hero...

betrayal... it was something that Percy knew a lot about. luke, Selina, Ethan, and so many more, but never did he think that one day he would be found being judged by the olympian council for something he has never done. I looked up at the Romans and the greek demigods staring at me. The Romans didn't believe in what I had done, but the greeks hated me.

I didn't say anything as I walked towards the entrance to Tartarus, I was finally next to it and I could feel the pull of Tartarus trying to drag me into its pit again. I looked over at the gods and did something I never considered throughout the trial.

"I swear on the river Styx that I was never a traitor" I didn't wait for it to sink in and gave a salute and jumped into the pit.

(2 hours before)

it was his birthday, August 18th (17 after the war.) Percy was enjoying his day on the beach drinking cherry coke and looking at the ocean and playing with the water. Annabeth has been designing cabins for the gods and their children and Percy wanted to enjoy the peace that he earned.

That was all ruined when he saw Hermes appear before him and snapped his fingers. He was chained down with celestial bronze chains covering both his hands and had chains shackling his feet.

"the hell are you doing to me," Percy said as he struggled against his bonds, but it was no use. Hermes just grabbed him by his shoulder before saying something.

"sorry Percy but I have to follow orders, just know that I know you're innocent," he said. he then flashed me and we arrived at Mount Olympus. we walked down the hall and all the nature spirits (satyrs, nymphs, etc) pointed at me whispering about what I was detained for.

I was escorted to the throne room and when I entered everyone both camps were there. The greek side of the camp looked at me with disgust while the Romans didn't look me in the eye.

"So is anyone going to tell me what's going on because I was enjoying a lovely day on the beach," I asked. Nobody answered my questions and just did what they did when I arrive and continued to stare at me.

"Perseus Jackson" Zeus thundered.

"I'm pretty sure that's me, and it's Percy," I said.

"Today you stand before the olympian council for the treacherous actions against the gods" he continued.

I was shocked that he would accuse me of this, after all, I did to save them and this is how they repaid me. I was angry and an angry Percy Jackson was something no one wanted to get on the bad side of.

"I saved your arse too many times for you to be accusing me of treachery.' I yelled as I thrashed in my chains. I knew I couldn't break out of these anyways, this was some Hephaestus level binding. Hestia came and sat next to me and pulled me into a hug, it felt just like when my mother used to hug me as a child, which caused me to stop fighting and embrace the hug.

I didn't pay attention to the god's conversation and stayed inside Hestia's embrace where I felt safe, although I wasn't paying attention to the gods I was paying attention to Hestia, so I noticed the bit of a flame that she let enter my body, then she leaned in my ear and whispered so only me and she heard.

"I gave you my blessing, so when they send you to Tartarus you will be able to summon food and any drink, be safe my hero," she said as she put a ring on his finger. She got up and went back to her throne.

I sat there and digested the information that she told me, I was going to Tartarus. I've never wanted to go to that place again but there was nothing I could do about it.

"The evidence was found in his cabin who else would it have belonged to," Athena said.

"Are you accusing my son of being a traitor because ill have you know my son would never betray the place he gave his sweat and blood for"Poseidon tried to defend me?

"then how do you explain how the Kronos charm was inside his cabin" Annabeth pointed out.

"objection leading," I said.

That was the first time that everyone looked at me. I'm pretty sure they were shocked that I said something "smart". I looked over at Annabeth and said, "there are many people that have access to my cabin, I never stopped anyone from going in or out."

they proceeded with the there arguments and yelling for a while. while they were doing that I was focused on the other demigods in the room. The greeks were wanting me to be exiled to Tartarus, but the Romans (hazel, frank, Reyna, fifth cohort) didn't look like they wanted a say.

I was thankful they didn't say anything because then the gods will use that to punish them and I did not feel like dealing with gods right now.

"all in favor of sending the traitor to Tartarus," Zeus said.

Zeus, Hera, Demeter, Athena, Ares, Hephaestus, and Aphrodite raised their hands to send me to Tartarus while the others voted not to send me there. I was more surprised that Artemis voted not to send me to Tartarus.

Zeus opened a hole to Tartarus and Hermes snapped his fingers and the chains that I had disappeared like they were never there before. I looked over towards Artemis and bowed before saying, "if something happens to my mom or paul, please take care of Estelle until I get back."

she gave me a nod and with that, I was happy that at least my family will be able to be protected without me. with that, I finally walked toward the entrance before I looked back, I could feel the pull of Tartarus already pulling me in.

I looked over at the gods before saying, "I swear on the river Styx that I was never a traitor" and gave them a salute before jumping in.

' I hope you guys stub your toe' I thought bitterly as I fell into the pit.

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