1 You

The librarian was quite young, dirty blonde hair, pulled into a bun, with a cardigan and long skirt, both pale yellow. Tulip wondered her eyes around the room and back to her own outfit. She was wearing a white floral shirt, with a blue pencil skirt, along with matching shoes, headband, and jewelry. "I'm sorry, young lady, but you can't check out more than 3 books, for you have to return the others." the librarian exclaimed sternly. "But..." Tulip began, twiddling her fingers and nervously tapped her feet on the carpet. She sighed, and gave in, the librarian smiled. "If it's for studying," she winked "maybe you could check out two more." Tulip's face lit up and ran to the book series section, headed directly for her destiny- BAM! She fell over, feeling as if she had ran into a brick wall. Rubbing her forehead, she looked up, a human figure appearing blurry in front of thr bright light. Tulip gasped lightly, "an angel? Wait-." She immediately stood up and dusted her skirt, and red long beach waves. "Rose? I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you, it was an accident, I swear!" Tulip rambled on. The girl in front, Rose, sighed. She ran her fingers through her shoulder-length curly brown hair. Tulip stopped talking and noticed Rose's leather jacket, trimmed with sequins, and matching boots. "Are you still racing?" she asked, fairly serious. Rose's skin pricked, as.she was not expecting a question such as this. "Yes, the only reason why our relationship didn't work."