Penguasa Alam Surga

Author: Ryo_Gunawan
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What is Penguasa Alam Surga

Read ‘Penguasa Alam Surga’ Online for Free, written by the author Ryo_Gunawan, This book is a Fantasi Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Kisah perjalanan kelanjutan generasi Ye Zhang Sang Penguasa Alam Surga.Full kisah novel nya ada di Platform sebelah Fizz...


Kisah perjalanan kelanjutan generasi Ye Zhang Sang Penguasa Alam Surga. Full kisah novel nya ada di Platform sebelah Fizzo Novel Indonesia. Author: Ryo Gunawan Facebook: @Ryo Gunawan Instagram: @rio.awesome Jangan lupa baca di Fizzo, geratis tanpa di pungut biaya. Salam Kopi Surgawi ☕

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Abyssal Chronicles

In the northern part of the Ancita Continent, a long-standing battle between various races and the abyssal demon race has finally reached its end. The Demon Lord, a figure with black hair, red eyes, rules from her obsidian palace, having repeatedly defeated the Goddess, the strongest being in the world. However, she refrains from killing her, knowing she will only be reborn to lead another attack. As the goddess kneels before her, badly injured and helpless, the sounds of explosions echo outside, signaling the imminent victory of the alliance. Despite her immense power, the demon lord acknowledges the abyssal demon's overall weakness compared to humans and the Alliance. The development of fighting energy and mana has allowed ordinary humans to fight demons, leading to the demon army's defeat. Aware of the Alliance's intent to enslave the abyssal demon, the Demon Lord decides to cast a forbidden spell that will cost her life. As the Alliance forces storm the palace, they hesitate upon sensing the spell's energy. The Demon Lord vows to resist and be reborn to save her people. Meanwhile, the goddess reflects on the demon lord's past treatment of her and acknowledges her respect and dedication to her people. As the demon lord prepares to cast the spell, the goddess asks if she can abandon her plan and live freely. However, demon lords are duty-bound to restore the demon race's glory and protect her people. Understanding the demon lord's resolve, the goddess readies her sword, intending to clash with Apophis's forbidden spell. The resulting explosion creates a mushroom cloud, marking the end of the conflict and the start of a new era. The Demon Lord and the Goddess become historical figures, their stories occasionally told. ---------------- The first R18 will be in Chapter 600+. This will be a slow romance. ------------------------------------------------- All character's pictures are in Chapter 01 100 Golden tkt = 1 bonus chapters: 200 Golden tkt = 3 bonus chapters: 300 Golden tkt = 5 bonus chapters : 400 Golden tkt = 7 bonus chapters : ------------------------------------------------- Golden tkt bonus will be released at the end of the month. This story is a merged plot between Overlord and Eminence in Shadow, give it a try and if you like it add it to lib, -------------------------------------------------

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It's good fairy tale fabulous continue with all your imagination just one time I read this fairy tale and make me want read more and more with all the word I just can say perfectto


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