Author: Koishiro
Ciencia ficción
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Read ‘PECADOS’ Online for Free, written by the author Koishiro, This book is a Ciencia ficción Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Khloe cried so hard under the raging storm "I promise you mom, I'll get you all the justice you deserve !" khloe vowed , Sarah who stood at a corner couldn't help tearing up once more "My poor child " *************** "I am not in any form of relationship with Kyle Anderson he's just my lawyer, if my cousin Abigail has got a problem with understanding that fact she should come talk with me I think am done here goodbye" James halter watched her leave ,he clenched his fists "She's got so much nerve.... not for long " *************** "What are you suggesting boss, we kill her?" "I wouldn't say kill her but I think its a good idea but you know am all about money , so I think you draw the plan long if you get what I mean, there are two option go for the girl or the boy" Williams deep voice replied *********** "In fact you know what am actually hungry I'd like to order please call the waiter"Bianca starred at her confused 'What is she up to now' Khloe starred back at Bianca and flashed her a beautiful smile , the waiter came "What do you have on your menu please no ...you know what I'll like everything on the first list please" Bianca choked on her drink on hearing her "Sure mam" Said the waiter and left "Are you out of your mind !" Shouted Bianca, Khloe smiled "Don't worry about me Bianca, I'll be okay with the ones I ordered I hope you don't mind and oh...thanks for inviting me for lunch " Bianca clenched her fists "Su...sure" #Read to find out more make sure to like and comment #

Khloe_White · Fantasy
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