1 Prologue

The footsteps resounded heavily in the empty corridor as a pair of tired, heavy feet pounded against the staircase. They sounded wet, as if the shoes were soaked beneath the water for a long time. They went until the middle landing in where the stairs change direction.

Liang sat on the floor with his back pressed against the cool wall, listening as the clock ticked incessantly above him. He counted the seconds that passed in his head, wondering when the footsteps would resume their journey, but gave up when silence prevailed.

"You're not going to say anything?" Liang finds himself suddenly speaking, voice firm despite his heart pounding immensely in his chest.

"I was waiting for you to." It was low and soft. It felt as if the owner was being deliberate with his words.

"Ah, well." Liang murmured, cheeks heating up. He slowly pushed himself up to his feet, back still pressed against the concrete. He was scared to show himself; scared to suddenly step out behind the wall next to the stairs and look at Winter's drenched face.

"Why were you waiting for me?"

This time, Liang didn't answer immediately. Across him was a wide window and through it he could see the pellets of rain thudding against it, the strong wind rattling the branches of the trees visible from his view. The road was wet and empty with only a few streetlights illuminating the area.

What should he tell him? That he was anxious he'd never get home safe? That he was extremely concerned with his well-being?

"I don't know exactly." At last, he mumbled meekly.

The footsteps resumed quickly and Liang didn't have enough time to bolt before Winter's water-soaked body pinned him against the wall.

"Tell me, Liang." He said, olive green eyes staring intensely, their noses almost brushing. "Do you actually like me?"

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