245 Who Are You

Dominic stared at Kalmin for a few seconds in silence as Kalmin looked at the door. He waited for Kalmin to turn to him before asking, "So are you going to start now or is there something else that you have to do?"

"Sorry about all of that," Kalmin sighed, loosening his shoulders and sinking deeper into the chair for a moment before sitting back up. "There were a few… things I needed to do before we could start."

Dominic nodded in understanding, his head tilting to the side as he observed Kalmin before speaking. "So what did you have to say? I have a little guess on what it might have to do with…"

Kalmin's eyebrows raised curiously, "Really? What do you think?"

"Boris," Dominic spat out, watching for Kalmin's reaction. "It's about him isn't it?"

Kalmin stared back at Dominic stoically before nodding his head. "Yes, it is."

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