59 Tremble

"Litian!" Dominic yelled. He was pinned under a heavy attacker and their swords were in a tight hold next to each other's necks. "Help! Attack NOW!"

"YES SIR!" Litian lounged her body at the heavy attacker, forcing her entire weight into her swing and brought it down on the attacker, slicing through his neck and bringing his head down beside Dominic.

Dominic wiped the pool of blood that splashed on his face and pushed the dead body off his chest, "thanks," he grinned at Litian.

"Your Highness!" Dominic heard a familiar voice call out his name, he turned and saw Feline jumping off a horse and running towards him, "your highness are you ok?!"

"Feline-" Dominic began when a fast movement interrupted his thoughts, "FELINE MOVE AW-" Dominic leaped up, his legs trying their best to reach her but he was too-


Dominic's eyes widened in fear and everything stood still for a second.

"ARG!" Litian grunted, her feet digging deeper into the ground as she tried to hold her sword up. She stood in front of Feline, her sword locked with the attacker that had made the move on Feline. "YOUR MAJESTY!" She pleaded through huffs of air as she tried to hold up the sword, her leg quivering as the attacker applied more weight on her.

Dominic's mind went blank, his feet seemed to be frozen in the ground and his hands twitched while they tightly gripped his sword.

"YOUR MAJESTY, PLEASE! I CAN'T HOLD MUCH LONGER!!" Litian begged tears forming at the edge of her eyes and her hands wavered violently, shaking from the pressure.

Dominic couldn't move. His mind was playing a scene in his head and his legs couldn't go against his brain. 'Should I go?' He thought to himself. He could hear the screams of people behind him and the yelps from the Litian. 'Can I help them?' he asked himself as he tried to force his legs to go. He didn't know if he could help. 'There were so many people on this battlefield and it was tiring to keep them all and help them all… should he just let it go. It wasn't like I could save them all… it was ok if I just let a few go right?' Dominic asked himself, sweat mixing with the blood on his forehead and dripping down his face. So.. it should be ok if I just let this time pa-

"DOMINIC HELP ME!!!" Litian roared, she was on one knee already and her arms were about to give out, "DOMINIC HELP ME NOW!!!"


Dominic's legs moved on their own, faster and stronger, and pushed off the ground, leaping into the air and raising his sword high above his head. He stood in the air for a second and the attacker turned and locked eyes with him for a moment, before Dominic slammed the sword hard into the man's back, piercing straight through. Then as his feet touched the ground again, he yanked the sword out, and the man flopped to the ground, lifeless.

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