117 Silence

Without a moment of hesitation, her mother began down the hallway, her hands clenched in a tight ball. Annabeth wanted to laugh, it was hysterical. A ripple in the perfect picture, placed in gold frames, and hung on a weak wall, was resonating through the flow of distorted colors. It was truly hilarious.Β 

She continued down the hallway, her mother's heavy footsteps close behind her. They were staggering. Annabeth stops at the entrance of the living room while her mother stands behind her, they stayed there for a few moments until Annabeth heard another pair of footsteps coming behind them, entered the living room.

The room had an eerie silence that nobody was willing to break. Not even the servants that swamped the kitchen getting the room ready, their moments were as silent as they could be. Not even after they were done working did they stop moving, they didn't want to get swept into the silence in the air.

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