242 One Moment

"Your highness, you need to be more careful, you haven't fully recovered yet!" Axel scolded as he eyed Dominic checking for any injuries on him. "Do you feel hurt anywhere? Does anything feel numb? Anything that's bugging you that you need to fix or want to be attended to?"

Dominic smiled, shaking his head as he patted Axel on the shoulder. "You do realize it's 1 pm and I woke up at around 9 am in the morning right?" Dominic stated as he walked forward, ignoring Axel's quick steps behind him. "We've been here for the past 4 hours seating in one place and talking."

"Yes?" Axel responded 

"And we didn't have breakfast yet," Dominic sighed, nodding at the guards to open the doors of the room, "4 hours, no food, sitting down the entire time. It makes sense that I got dizzy, doesn't it?"

Axel's lips opened to refute Dominic's words before he closed them, nodding his head in agreement. "It does…"

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