246 Hit Me

Adia froze, gazing at Litian, everything seemingly pausing as tension flowed in. They stared for a few more seconds before she smiled, changing her stance to face Litian. "When did you get over there?"

"Answer my question," Litian pressed as she continued to hold the sword up in the direction of Adia, her grip on its hilt strong.

Adia looked down at Litian's sword and then back up to her. "Do you plan on attacking me from there?" she asked with a light chuckle.

Litian didn't answer back but Adia knew the answer. Judging by those stoic eyes and the grip on her sword, she was very well ready to attack at any moment. Adia looked at the spot where Litian once stood and then back up to her. 'And judging by how I didn't even notice her moving, she would have no problem getting to me from that distance.'

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