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Adia watched the exchange between Dominic, Boris, and Kalmin, as she leaned back in her chair, eyes calmly observing them. 'He plans to go somewhere without Boris following?' she thought to herself, 'isn't the whole point of a guard to follow unconditionally? Or is there a power dynamic that's shifting now that Dominic is back from war?'

Her ears picked up a conversation Hendrickson was holding from across the table with those that sat beside him.

"I wonder how he's going to react now that his highness is going to start pushing him away?" Hendrickson whispered, "It's about time that that scrap gets taken out of power. He is undeserving of it with that big attitude of his haha."

Adia pursed her lips, her eyebrows raising slightly as she stared at the exchanges between Dominic and Boris. 'Dominic is letting him go?' she pondered, 'for what?'

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