17 The more the merrier

[Budget Yoriichi]: My name is Kamado Tanjiro, and it's thanks to the power of the gods that I get to meet you all! Please take care of me!

[Lazy Heart]: Hiya everyone. Here's Neptune at your service, only the greatest protagonist to ever exist!]

Amazingly, two new faces have joined our little group. Not at the best of times though as I'm being lambasted by my two friends agonizing over my fortune.

[Door-kun]: You bastard, you really enjoy feeding us dirt when we can't do a thing while you reap all the good fortune from this system.

[Zero Sanity]: You're incredible as ever, Kaito. What's next, we go on a world mission and all the women flock to you?

[Zero Sanity]: Oh, I just noticed we have two newcomers present.

[Singularity Found at the End]: A-Ah! Welcome you two, ignore what's currently being happening for now. If you two have any questions, be sure to read the pin to your top right. Don't forget to send a profile picture of yourself so we know what you look like. If there's anything else you need answered, come to any of us for help.

[Singularity Found at the End]: I'm Miyama Kaito.

[Zero Sanity]: Pay us no mind, fellow group members. My name is Doctor.

[Door-kun]: Oh? It's two at once this time. Mine is Arisato Minato.

Phew, I somehow averted the attention away from me. Now it's best to get these two up to speed.

[Budget Yoriichi]: Yes! This is the 'pin' you are talking about, right?

[Lazy Heart]: Wowie, right off the bat we got to view some intense infighting between the guys!

[Singularity Found at the End]: Really, nothing major happened between us.

[Lazy Heart]: Hmm, I don't believe you so easily, mister. C'mon, spill the beans.

[Door-kun]: This guy won big time on the gacha.

[Lazy Heart]: There's a gacha!? Whoaaa, I gotta get me some of that sometime!

[Door-kun]: You want my review? 2/10, would not recommend.

[Zero Sanity]: I concur. Unless you're Kaito. In which case, he'll empty the market of any super rare and above unwittingly.

[Door-kun]: Now THAT sounds very plausible.

[Singularity Found at the End]: Please you two…some of these items aren't things I can use. I plan to hand some out if I find out they don't fit me.

It's true. Some of these are weapons which will go to waste on someone like me. I have zero talent for weapons and wielding them always goes awry.

[Lazy Heart]: For real!? Kay-chan, I need you to hit me with those SSRs!

[Singularity Found at the End]: Why do you make it sound like they're drugs? And what's with the cutesy nickname?

[Lazy Heart]: Aren't we friends already? That means I need a nickname to refer to you to show how close we are!

[Door-kun]: You just want to score brownie points so he can give you what he won.

[Lazy Heart]: Not true! I already have nicknames for everybody here.

[Zero Sanity]: Oh? And so quick too.

[Budget Yoriichi]: Eh? Should I have nicknames prepared for everyone too?

[Singularity Found at the End]: Don't bother. You don't need to follow her example.

[Lazy Heart]: You already heard the hot brown-haired ikeman called Kay-chan. The blue emo bishounen is Minty! The weirdo hiding his face behind a mask is Dokutah! And this little cinnamon bun is TanTan!

[Lazy Heart]: Areh? Come to think of it…I'm the only girl in here! Is this that thing you find in otome games? The one and only reverse harem!? Hauuu, I know my protagonist charms are off the charts, but I barely have interactions with guys!

[Singularity Found at the End]: Look elsewhere.

[Door-kun]: I'm not into preteens.

[Budget Yoriichi]: Reverse harem!?

[Zero Sanity]: Before that, why is my nickname just a mistype of my name?

[Lazy Heart]: Eh? Is it really? That's how I read your name, Dokutah.

[Zero Sanity]: So you're saying you didn't bother to give me a nickname. I don't mind the lack of effort, but we should rectify how you type it.

[Lazy Heart]: Eeeehhh?

[Zero Sanity]: Try to type Doc.

[Lazy Heart]: Doc.

[Zero Sanity]: Tor.

[Lazy Heart]: Tor.

[Zero Sanity]: Now put 'em together and type Doctor!

[Lazy Heart]: Dokutah!

[Zero Sanity]: Screw it!

[Door-kun]: She's totally going to mispronounce your name in reality too.

[Singularity Found at the End]: You're a really amusing girl, Neptune.

The antics brought by Neptune got me chuckling. I could certainly tell she had one heck of a spritely and energetic personality over the screen from her few posts. She'll fit in no problem it seems. The one who looks to be having trouble with the group dynamic is Tanjiro.

[Singularity Found at the End]: What about you, Tanjiro-kun? You haven't commented much. Is the ruckus too much for you, or were you busy reading the pinned posts?

[Budget Yoriichi]: Absolutely not! This place isn't enough trouble for me. I was waiting for your confirmation before I read what you recommended.

[Singularity Found at the End]: You don't really need any of our inputs for you to do as you please here…

[Budget Yoriichi]: Indeed, but I thought it was more appropriate to follow my senpais' guidance before I rush into territories I don't know about, Kaito-san!

[Singularity Found at the End]: What a diligent kid!

Tanjiro is the complete opposite of Neptune. If she's the bundle of optimism and joy, then Tanjiro is earnest and straight-lace himself.

[Budget Yoriichi]: Once again, I'm in your care!

[Singularity Found at the End]: Yeah, take care of me too.

[Door-kun]: Don't forget about me.

[Zero Sanity]: It's nice to see kids these days be so bright.

[Lazy Heart]: Gosh, you people are so stiff! Is it a guy thing I'm not aware of?

Everybody pitched in to welcome Tanjiro warmly. Sadly, Neptune hasn't received the same reception.

[Ding! Announcement to the group chat! Please read the pin on the top bar to better familiarize with the interface. Additionally, we have lifted the restriction on the arena.]

[Singularity Found at the End]: I'll be logging off now. Work diligently, okay, Tanjiro? Try to get along with everyone and not make too big of a mess, especially you, Neptune.

[Lazy Heart]: Hey! Who do you think I am already!? And don't use my full name, call me by a nickname like the rest of my friends!

[Singularity Found at the End]: Then I'll call you Nepu-chan, happy?

[Lazy Heart]: Much better! Bye bye, Kay-chan!

[Budget Yoriichi]: Thank you again for your kindness, Kaito-san!

"So what did you find out from these items, Shiro?" (Kaito)

"From this assortment of items, you should use that Heart Tool Mutation Addendum and keep the Tenseiga. The Stand Arrow won't be of any use to you, and I'll keep the pokeball for now." (Shiro)

"Thank you for your input, Shiro." (Kaito)

"Mm. I'm happy to help you, Kaito-san." (Shiro)

I was currently spending my time with Shiro in her sanctuary again. We drank tea over the conversation about my big winnings.

"So what do you think the Mutation Addendum will do?" (Kaito)

"It will be useful to you in the future for certain." (Shiro)

"Hmm…no spoilers I see." (Kaito)

I was extremely curious as to what effects this will bring to my Heart Tool, but I'll hold off on it and just wait and see it in action on a later date.

"Before that…" (Kaito)

"Is something the matter?" (Shiro)

Yeah, the fact that my lap is currently occupied by Shiro sitting on it to the side. Figures that Shiro would so boldly use me as a seat when I came in.

"There is no issue though? Kaito-san loves it when I do this." (Shiro)

C-Can you not shift your body around, especially with your perfectly curved buttocks while wearing such a seductive smirk on your face!? No good, I need something to distract myself.

"I-In any case! We're not finished inspecting everything, especially that White Fatalis egg. What can you say about that, Shiro?" (Kaito)

I instantly pulled out the basketball sized egg onto the table. It was a pure white shell with red veins crawling all over the exterior. The amount of power radiating from it was astounding to say the least. Shiro peered into the egg and waved her finger.

"There, I casted a magic of ownership to you. Be sure to hatch it in an open field with Nebula near you." (Shiro)

"You're not going to say what is inside it?" (Kaito)

"Hint: It's something Lilia will love very much." (Shiro)

Now that was something I could understand very easily. While I stared at the egg with newfound recognition, Shiro opted to feed me cookies in our compromised position.

"You have a curious item there. The one where a random person in the world is selected as another member in that group chat." (Shiro)

"Yeah, this is really interesting. I wonder what my chances are of pulling someone I know into it." (Kaito)

"Okay, I will negotiate with the admin to guarantee someone among your circle to be chosen." (Shiro)

"No, there's really no need to go that far…it would spoil the fun, wouldn't it?" (Kaito)

Please don't start to get all pumped in like that, you'll give the admin stomachaches if you let everything go your way.

"Mmm…I will hold back for now." (Shiro)

"Ahaha, thank you, Shiro." (Kaito)

I consoled the slightly deflated Shiro by ruffling her hair and pulling her close to my collarbone. That greatly pleased her as she smiled and gained a pink hue on her face.

Time passed away like that where I spoiled Shiro and chatted idly over trivial topics. With her opinion in mind, I made my decision to gift Minato-kun the Judgement of Shamash, Doctor the Immortal's Orb and Originium Archive as planned, and Tanjiro the Stand Arrow. I sadly didn't have anything to gift Neptune, so I told to myself I'd have to get her something suitable in the future.

Meanwhile, in an alternate space created to accommodate a large amount of people where Kaito was not involved in…

"Alright people, place your bets on who gets chosen!" (Alice)

Alice rallied a large group of people together as they appeared to discuss something of importance. The crowd hurried and placed their ballots in the drop box.

The news of someone in Trinia being potentially chosen to join the group chat together with Kaito was spread far and wide to every person he personally knew.

"Now I don't have to tell you this, but there won't be any redoes on who will get picked. That isn't something that can be done, so you'll have to make do with waiting for another chance in the future." (Alice)

The person using loudspeaker magic to address the audience, Alice, had already briefed everyone to mentally prepare themselves.

"You might still be asking yourself why this has become such an important issue currently. If you still can't figure out something this simple, I'd feel sorry for you. So I'll pick someone from the crowd to explain…you, Lilia Albert, explain it to the simpletons." (Alice)

The blonde duchess gathered her composure from the scrutiny of many people. Beads of sweat were visibly running down her face as she raised her voice for everyone to listen.

"U-Um, we're here to find out who is the most suitable to be chosen and be informed of what to expect and how to proceed in protecting Kaito-san." (Lilia)

"Indeed, that's the short summary of it. You all are aware that Kaito-san abruptly disappeared from the face of the planet a week ago with almost all of us having no time to react." (Alice)

A grimace appeared on everyone's face from that fact. Having Kaito leave off to another world without their protection was unacceptable. Many felt it was hard to cope with and a heavy thought weighing them down without an insurance in place.

"For now, just rest easy knowing that one of us will take part in traveling together with Kaito-san in other worlds and sticking close to him. And while there are other people already in the same situation as Kaito-san, we don't have full knowledge of their character and capabilities, so relying on them is ill-advised." (Alice)

Shoulders visibly relaxed as audible sighs of relief can be heard in the enclosed space.

"Moving from there, I should mention something just as equally important related to the person picked." (Alice)

"And that is…?" (Lilia)

The continued pause of Alice's caught everyone's breath in great anticipation for what was about to be said.

"That person will have a tremendous increase in personal time with Kaito-san!" (Alice)

Immediately, a ruckus broke out after that shout. Conversations among the many circles flew, millions of thoughts ran, and excitement was generated at a staggering pace.

"That's right! Not only will you have a personal communication channel to Kaito-san that will be special between you two, but you'll most likely get to spend a long period of time together in a different world for as long as days! Goddamn it, this Alice-chan is desperate for that opportunity!!!" (Alice)

That irresistible chance resonated in the hearts of many women in the crowd. To put it in an analogy, it would be like having a honeymoon with their husband on the other side of the world. For the maidens in love, this was priceless to them.

"I really hope there's a world out there where me and Kai-chan can chill out together without any disturbances." (Fate)

"Lillywood…let's do our best!" (Isis)

"Mm. I'll be rooting for you too, Isis." (Lillywood)

"Kuromueina-sama, I pray you will be successful." (Ein)

"Yeah, just leave it to me, Ein. I just can't consent to that system taking away my Kaito-kun without me." (Kuro)

"My lady, in your opinion, what is the likelihood of you being randomly selected? By the way, my vote went to you." (Lunamaria)

"If only I could be so lucky. Rather, the idea of going to other worlds is a bit too much for my stomach. Who knows how many reputable people Kaito-san has already befriended..." (Lilia)

As the atmosphere turned rowdy, a sudden light descended within the sea of people. To whom was blessed, a phone with the same model as Kaito's slowly hovered down to eye level with a person.

Where the light shined, a blonde duchess stood wide-eyed in shock.

"Eh? Eeeeehhhh!? I-I've been selected? Hey, Luna, look! I've been selected to be with Kaito-san!" (Lilia)

While Lilia was giddy from the unexpected event, what she was not aware of was that Lunamaria had already scooted away the instant the light came over her.

Finding failure in searching for her friend in the crowd was when Lilia came to understand her surroundings. It dawned on to her that the light was too eye-catching and pulled attention from every corner to her. Lilia stood still in statis from the hundreds of stares at her.

"U-Uh…th-this is…" (Lilia)

Not adapted to the pressure from people of high-profile, especially from those belonging to some of the Six Kings and Supreme Gods, Lilia's head turned to mush, and her eyes spun like a swirl.

"Kyuuuuuu~" (Lilia)

"My lady!" (Lunamaria)


[<White Rose Valkyrie> has created an account and is now a member of the group chat.]

Serious-senpai: "So Lilia was selected. Ugh, and that meeting had something serious going on until the second half…"

???: "Muuu…While I don't mind if it's Lilia-san who gets to go with Kaito-san, it's still a damn shame Alice-chan was not picked. Oh well, might as well showcase some of the items Kaito-san won."

<Immortal's Orb>

* From the To Your Eternity series

* Is an orb that is absorbed into the user's body

* Grants Immortality

* Grants rapid regeneration

* Shapeshifting into objects that provided stimulus to the person

* Empathy sense

* Replication of objects

Serious-senpai: "This is seriously broken..."

<Stand Arrow>

* From the Jojo series

* When stabbed into a worthy person, it grants them a stand

* A stand is a manifestation of a person's fighting will

* A stand will have a power unique to the user that is not supposed to be found in a different stand

Star Platinum: "Huh???"

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