Patient's curse and within
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Patient's curse and within


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What is Patient's curse and within

Patient's curse and within is a popular web novel written by the author Glenstonx, covering HORROR, MYSTERY-THRILLER, PSYCHIATRIST, THRILLER, PATIENT, Horror&Thriller genres. It's viewed by 6.8K readers with an average rating of 4.65/5 and 24 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 14 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Rose blinked her eyes open after waking up from a constant horrid dream of blazing fire scattered in the place where two people screamed for help. They were shadows in Rose’s eyes, their appearance was blurred she could not see their faces properly but they looked at Rose straight in the eyes. It was then the alarm clock was to make a noise. She went about her day to work. The white tile floor reflected the flickering of lights above Rose O’Quinn’s head as the sound of her heels echoed in the empty corridor. Her white jacket flutters every step she took, her feet came to halt before the glass door and entered her office. Piles of documents filled her desk but each paper serves a story behind her patient’s mental state and only Rose could unravel the truth behind. Was it curiosity that leads her to such an extent? or is there something to gain from involving herself to them?


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Great job! The author had an amazing way to describe the horror and thrill for the readers to enjoy. However I can't say much about the developments of the plots because there are only few chapters, so Good work Author, keep updating


I'm admiring the story and plot... The characters are comprehensive for the story. This story just makes me wanna wriggle and feel tingly within.


I really love how you dive right into the action. Your writing style is very action-based, there are a lot of vivid and powerful verbs and sensory image that you use that really keep the momentum going and the atmosphere intact. I really like how thoughts are italicized. However, the book is hard to read because you don't insert line breaks during dialogue and during key moments, which breaks the flow a little. Having very short paragraphs with a few words is a very effective way to keep tension. Try this: The flash of scattering heat filled the place and tormented the flesh of two people agonizing in pain, screaming and desperately crawling to get out. Beep beep beep beep. The annoying sound of the alarm clock buzzed to her ears which made her jump and gasp for air. Also, whenever a character says something, insert a line break/make a new paragraph. Other than that, spectacular work!


One of my favorite genres is terror, that's one of the reasons I liked your story. Although it's very few chapters, your story seems to be on the right track. I think the way you tell it all is very good, it makes you want more and more. Congratulations, keep it up!


Reveal spoiler


Damn this mystery thriller novel is so gooood. I'm really loving it. I would suggest you to increase your update stability. This book's writing quality and story development is really something!


Hi!! author here~~ just want to say thank you for reading this book and adding them to your libaraies and reading lists, I truly appreciate it since it gives me motivation to continue this story, I hooe to see you all vote for my book and give me your honest opinions to improve my writings, thank you all !! :))


Oh my gosh! I usually don't read horror novels but I was hooked! I really love your descriptions of the scenes especially the gore, makes it seem like I can really see it! Please keep up the good work!


I really like this type of books. It instantly hooked me and made me read without making me bored. It has great potential so keep updating!!


I loved the first chapter. The suspense builds up really nicely. There is a very creepy tone and mood and I love that. A few grammatical errors here and there but there's always a place for improvement. Keep it up, author!


The first chapter built up the suspense really well! I was creeped out and also intrigued by Rose’s job as a psychiatrist! There some grammatical errors that did break up the flow, but this story has a lot a potential! Kepnup the good work author 🙂


Good job author! I am not used to this kind of genre for sure and I read your novel at night, so, yeah I was shivering and the suspense was so intriguing. The pace of the plot is very good and the character design is very well done. Keep on the hard work author! Can't wait for more releases.


The mood is set very well and the creepy tone of the narrative gives you goosebumps alongside the characters. Although it is obvious the writer isn't a native English speaker as the descriptions sometimes fall short and the grammar is a bit odd, it doesn't disrupt the flow of the story. It's very straightforward and easy to follow along this disturbing and twisted journey. Keep at it! Grammar isn't enough to take away from a truly haunting tale.


I really don't like horror as I am weak hearted. In other words, I get scared easily. Yet this is really captivating. So much so that I can not stop myself from reading it (while getting scared). Keep writing~


This book sent me shivers honestly, I'm not a big fan of horror and thriller but this book is really addicting to read! Your style is amazing too, this is what i'm looking for in a book.


This is the first horror story I read and the first paragraph was enough to tell me what I was going to find ... I must admit I underestimated the hashtags. The characters are concrete and the descriptions allow you to really create the image of each situation (they forced me to see every moment) My God, I thought I could venture into the genre but the author does not let me breathe, she started with everything! If you like the genre indicated, I'm sure this story will meet your expectations! Clear characters Excellent descriptions (too much) Specific events and whit only six chapters at this moment, I could say that it is an explosive beginning


The story is interesting and the author is keen on the story line. . coming to characters, I can relate to Stephen about not able to sleep. When you lose your beloved ones, you will not be able to do anything.. I like Rose personality.. Good job author, keep it up.


I don't read many horror stories but in all honesty I think that it's like this that they have to be written, in a way that it grabs you so much that you get scared if you hear a sudden noise, all in all this was a good read the only downside was the small amount of chapters but I will come back for some more!


The story is well written and well paced with some amazing character writing right from the beginning. You can really feel what the main character feels so good job author!


The story was very exceptional and the narration was outstanding. I can feel my spine chilled for a moment there. The author knows how to create tense and horror with thrilling descriptions. Even there is only five chapters, I know that it will have a promising future. BTW please review my zombie novel that was action-packed. Waking Up In Undead World was the title and was a bit slow paced from the start to build up character backgrounds. Sorry for self promotion, Happy reviewing!


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