Pathway To Immortality (Free) Book

novel - Fantasy

Pathway To Immortality (Free)


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"It is never easy to attain immortality, but death is. So many times, I've been dangerously close to death due to unforeseen dangers, unfathomable evils, and ferocious yet powerful adversaries. What I can control is staying loyal to myself as i move forward in blood and sweat. I shall dispel the hazy mist and conquer the world with my own Tao when the time comes for my Immortal Ascension." Shiao Chen, a young boy born without spiritual roots, is given the opportunity to take The Test of Entering Divine Gate only after his father pleaded with the Shiao Family. But, with such a low aptitude, how is he going to pass the exam and enter the heavenly gate? What will he do in Luoyun Valley to make a difference? ____ This story Is free, and there are no plans of making it a pay to read, so enjoy...