1 Chapter 1

Life is boring. It is a disease that all humans have with a 100% mortality rate. A set of rules is already set for you before you are even born. Birth, living, and death. No rebirth. At least not that I know off. Life is just a long journey to your destination, death.

This is the reason I strive to be different. I wanted to be remembered so if I reach my destination, I will know I did something that changed the world by a huge margin. I didn't want to follow the rules set in life and make my own.

So I started breaking the laws. First, it was small. Like disobeying my mother, then it rose to smoking and joining a gang, then stealing, then drug smuggling, before I was sent to jail at the age of 19.

I met my father who also went to jail when I was 4 years old. I knew he was my father because I and my mother normally visited him once a month before I stopped coming at the age of 16. He was in here for raping and was soon released days after I entered prison so I didn't get to spend much time with him.

I spent 3 years in jail and was released when I was 22. When I was released, only my father came to pick me up, and during our journey home, he told me that my mother divorced him and disowned me.

I didn't care though. I never liked my mother as she never understood me. I asked the father why he did what he did and he told me he wants to leave this world with a bang and do everything he always wanted to try, that include raping and killing.

Hearing this, I smiled brightly at him as he smiled back. This began out the life of crime. He taught me how to kill and get away with it, though he used animals. We want around the United States stealing, drug trafficking, and we even created our gang, with father being the head and me the co-head.

We grew quickly and started arms trafficking. I also trained with using many guns and always carried five pistols around. In our 2 years of ruling the gang, we were caught because of a snitch and sent to jail.

This caused us to be known around the United States as the criminal father and son duo. Well, our name is spreading but I am sure we will be forgotten in a year or so.

And I was right. When my and father finally escaped jail after 10 years, with the help of our gang, no one remembered us. This was understandable as there were worse people than use in the history of humans. But at least our gang welcomed us.

I decided to be more than before. I always wanted to try killing a human so I decided to do it. After two weeks of planning, I decided to murder an entire family if I could and I already picked mine. A family of five, a father, a mother, a girl around the age of 16, a boy around the age of 12, and a little female child around the age of 6. Not wanting to be surpassed by me, my father decided to also kill an entire family.

I stalked my family for a week before Finding out they were going out for dinner as a family so the house will be empty so I started. I managed to enter their house which they left open.

I ate some of their snacks and planned my quick escape. I then turned on their tv and it immediately went on Netflix with some dude on the screen running around the city with super speed and lightning coming out of his body.

Well, I don't have time to search Netflix for something else so I just watched it. After about 3 episodes of the show that I found out was called the Flash, I heard their car pulling up in the driveway and immediately turned off the TV, making the house go dark.

They came in suspecting nothing and locked the door behind them and I waited for some time before I pounced out from behind the couch and grabbed the hair of the oldest daughter who has sat down and pulled out her phone, pulled her hair toward me, and slashed her throat 3-time consecutively, killing her.

The family was in shock and before they could shout, I let go of her hair, brought out another of my knife, and threw it at the little boy through, impaling itself deeply. I then brought out my gun with a silencer and shot the father on his knee, who was running toward me in rage. I walked out from behind the couch and shot the father three times on his forehead.

I looked toward the mother who surprisingly pulled out a gun from her purse but the safety was on so I quickly shot her six times on her forehead, killing her. I looked at the little boy on the floor who was bleeding to death and shot him, killing him.

The only one alive now was the little girl who was crying loudly, so I walked up to her, grabbed her head, and snapped it, stopping her from crying forever. It was easy and I felt nothing after killing them so I grinned and got an idea. Using the blood of the family, I drew a fancy RB, short for rule-breaker, before quickly made my escape and went to my hideout where I saw my dad having away with a woman who I guess he kidnaps and now raping.

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