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Path of Swords and Whirlpools


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One of Rin's experiments goes wrong, throwing her, Shirou's and Sakura's souls into another world to be reborn. Finding themselves in a world with a new form of mystic energy and where the influence of Gaia is less than a tenth of its old strength, Rin has found herself in paradise and Sakura a chance at doing her childhood over again, Shirou however sees a world of conflict, deceit, and monsters wearing human skin... just his luck. Hopefully, with their influence they might be able to change a few fates for the better. * I'm just going to get this out of the way early. Chapter's 0-10 are heavily based off of "A Seventh Path: Path of Swords" by A Dyslexic Writer on FanFiction who left his story up for adoption and "A Seventh Path" by DieMongrel. After that, comes "The Uzumaki Tales: Return of the Whirlpool" by Jbriz. Both of which can be found on FanFiction. I'll be trying to put my own spin on it and mesh the stories together while trying to make it unique. if any of the mentioned writers dislike my use of their stories, I'm sure they will let their voice be known.


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