Past The Marigold Meadow
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Past The Marigold Meadow


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What is Past The Marigold Meadow

Past The Marigold Meadow is a popular web novel written by the author Acylith, covering FANTASY, ROMANCE, ACTION, ADVENTURE, LOVE, MYSTERY, THRILLER, SUPERPOWERS, DARKTHRILLER, DRAMA, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 22K readers with an average rating of 4.84/5 and 23 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 27 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Nulla nobis." The Willdyer family is the sole governor of the town of Hiraeth—be it business trades or warding off evils, they are the ones that make sure the town prospers for ever. Aged fourteen, Careth Willdyer is the next becoming heir of this prestigious family. But when he encounters a strange boy named Rian, who is locked away under the basement of his home, he starts to question whether his family has ever been truthful to him—and whether the town is really what it seems to be. — socials: Twitter - @min__ty — entry for WSA 2021, under the category of Superpowers *cover art is not mine; if you are the artist do notify me and i will take it down accordingly.

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Author here to provide more insight: The story is centered around a dark-thriller theme based in a fantasy world. As a style of mine, I like to put many, but not too much foreshadows and clues in the story, so if you’re interested in analysing and theorising how a story will go, this one would be for you. Thank you and enjoy!


Past the Marigold Meadow has been a pleasure to read so far. The story reads very much like a fantasy mystery, picking and choosing what information to give the reader to keep us perfectly in the dark. The writing style and grammar have been really great so far! I've had no trouble envisioning every environment and character, and have been able to easily follow the scenes as they unfolded. People have commented on the slow pacing but in my opinion, I think it really suits the story to drip-feed information over time and not to simply reveal all its cards from the get-go. Great story that I can see myself coming to check-up on regularly! Keep it up!


I'm good with the stability of updates, character design, and world background. Writing quality is good but there are some mishaps here and there. Example: - Singular instead of plural: There are two characters in a sentence. At some point you use "Who's" instead or "who are" - Overuse of strong adjectives: Dash and darted in the same sentence only separated by four or five words. It can exist, but in that particular sentence it didn't match and was confusing. Story development: That's a personal issue. It's just too slow for me. However, overall, I think it's a fine novel.


A lovely cover page! Nicely written story. There are interesting descriptions, intriguing dialogues, and a captivating plot. Well done! Good luck with the contest!


The use of language is nice – quite polished and well edited. Adding the good job done with descriptions, it is pretty easy for a reader to imagine what is happening there, behind these symbols. Interesting and intriguing start, and I like these clues and foreshadowing things. It’s nice when your theories come out to be right, or sometimes completely wrong, but gives you a feeling like “Oh my god how could I miss that?” Anyway, good job and Keep it up!


The language was very clean and I can tell the author did a lot of editing. Or maybe they are just an awesome author! The plot was unique as well as the characters. After reading the synopsis, I thought I was able to predict what the situation was with the boy under the ground, Rian. But I was off by a little. Can't wait to see how this story turns out!


I think anyone who reads this novel won't be disappointed. The writing style and quality were good and the pacing was steady in most cases. However, at times it did feel a little confusing (probably just me). Overall, I'd recommend this story to anyone who just wants a good read.


Is it only me or it actually felt like i was ready an actual published novel? I loved your descriptions and characters development.It felt like the scenes was playing out right on my screen. That’s awesome. You’re really talented, authour. Keep up the good work 👍👍


9 chapters and it got me hooked! What I enjoyed most is your writing style! It is really awesome! Will be waiting for your next updates and also good luck with the contest❤


Although I haven't read much, I have to say, author-sans writing immediately absorbs you into the already intriguing story. I can't wait to see how the story develops and how the author will further refine his/her talent. I mean just read the first paragraph if you're still hesitating, you won't regret it :)


The story has great potential. Your writing quality deserves praise. Just keep writing and don't drop it. Like it a lot! I want to see more of the good work!


I love how you portray your writing! The writing is neat which has been my top priority whenever I start reading books as the messy ones would kind of distract me from my attention You just have six chapters so far so I couldn't comment much on the storyline. Nevertheless, don't give up and keep writing!


This was such a joy to read. I breezed passed the 3 chapters wanting to know, what was going to happen. The plot seems very interesting so far. I love the depth of atmosphere, and show of personality in the characters! The authour has done such a good job describing everything that it is so easy to read through. I'm very excited to see whats next!


I don't give out five stars to just anybody. but this novel deserves six to be honest. I'm not good at reviews but I have to say the writing quality is that of a professional; I almost felt as if I was reading a novel published by someone already famous. the story itself is excellent, with small things here and there to add to the mystery. the characters I already fell in love with the minute I met them. as I read this story, I really felt like I was there, making them more life like. so if you're looking for a book with an author that knows what their doing, look no further. please, please, please, please, please, please, PLEASE, give this novel a chance. you'll be hooked by chapter one.


Fascinating, the story combines both magic and reality which gives it a special feel to it. The Talent and the part about the family warding off evil also makes readers want to know more about what the family is truly capable of. The slightly dark vibe given off in the story also makes it quite unique. Really looking forward to the next chapter every time.


Interesting story! It's a different kind of story. Synopsis is quite interesting and your writing skill is awesome. Feels like someone was telling me the story and I could just imagine what was going on in the story. Great thought and great work! Keep it up! I appreciate it!


Reveal spoiler


The author did a great job writing the characters and the world background. It's pretty interesting. The synopsis gave me a dark vibes and it's pretty written well. There is not much chapters here so I can't really say more about it.


Excellent! The mood is dark from the beginning, maybe because of the synopsis but the reading with a dark mood is great. It perfectly aligns with the plot. The story is very unique, at least I didn't read any books with this type of concept. So it is refreshing. Hope to see more chapters!!!!


REVIEW Narration: Decent and immersive Worldbuilding: Vast and detailed Character development: Nice and steady Character design: Outstanding Dialogues: Realistic and Lifelike Pacing: Not fast nor too slow Writing quality: Magnificent Execution of the Genre: Good pitch Story potential: High Updating Stability: Steady MESSAGE I am deeply happy that the author joined spirity. As it has the potential to win! With more exposure, this will become great and even reach a million views! Or anime adaptation even a movie! Kudos on your work and See you in December (if you know what I mean) 😉


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